Monday’s Top Five

1.  I am currently in 2nd place out of 119 people in a bracket competition.  The prizes are 1st – $850, 2nd – $200, 3rd – $100 and 4th – $100.  So everyone cross your fingers for me that WVU beats Duke and then that either Michigan State or Butler beat WVU in the championship game!!!

2.  Thanks to my company giving us Good Friday off, this week is officially a four day week for me!  Hooray!!!

3.  I finally finished my midterm for PMAN634 yesterday.  So now I just have three more weeks, one reading assignment, one case study assignment, one final project and one final exam.  No big deal, right?

4.  M. and I got tickets to see Ben Bailey at DC Improv this weekend, wonder what he’ll be like outside of a cab…

5.  I got my tax return this Friday!  Yay for paying off credit cards and putting money into savings!

  1. Ooh hey, listen. Let me know how Ben Bailey is. I wanted to see him because I figured it would be so randomly cool to claim I had seen the Cash Cab guy. But, as you know, they were Bruno’s tickets to decide on, and he wasn’t as keen on the cash cab guy as I was. *sigh*

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