What does Erin have to blog about?

Hey y’all!  I’m Erin and this is my blog – or at least my attempt at it.  Don’t know me?  Here are some snippets about me:  I currently work and live in Washington, DC.  My husband and I live in a cozy one-bedroom condo with our first little blessing on the way (due in August!), and of course our furball babies, Natty and Beaker (we miss you, Rotor!).  I’m the youngest of three and if you ask my siblings (or my husband), I fit my birth order to a T.  I’m a Terrapin and always will be.  My Terp pride goes deep.  And fortunately for me, my hubby carries that same Terp pride, so we mesh together well during basketball season.  Other than all that jazz, I love to take pictures (love love love).  I also enjoy organizing things and making lists (and getting to check items off my lists).  I sometimes pretend to be a ballerina and I heart fireworks – like whoa.  And the number one item on my bucket list is to see a whale out in the wild (I saw Shamu – which was sweet – but that doesn’t count).

Okay folks, that about sums up what you need to know, so now I think it’s just time to blog Erin, blog!

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