Wedding Progress!

Yes, another wedding post. ūüôā

Well we’re almost to the 10 week mark and let me just say, this past week has been SO productive!¬† Seriously!¬† I’m starting to finally feel like I really have a grasp on this thing and it’s not just carrying me away!¬† Yay!¬† So here’s the update (because it makes me feel good to write it out and I know y’all care so much ;)).

1.  I finally booked an officiant!!!  For anyone who has seen me in the last six months, you know this has been my #1 stressor for wedding planning and thank GOODNESS it is finally over and we have an actual officiant who can legally marry us!  Whew!

2.¬† We decided on our favors – personalized m&m’s since that’s how M. proposed to me. ūüôā On Monday we ordered them and on Wednesday they arrived – wow!¬† And since the MP volunteered to put them all together for us, they’re pretty much checked off my list at this point.¬† Yay!

3.  I bought the LED candles to go in our luminaries this past weekend at the Christmas Tree Shoppe for a SUPER afforadable price.

4.¬† I’ve figured out our plan for the¬†escort cards, programs, and menus and L. is helping me make all of them!

5.  I made a digital photo album (50+ pages!) of the first five years of M. and I together to have out at the wedding for people to look through.

6.¬† I had my hair trial run earlier this week and it went great.¬† I’m just going to wear it down with a little bit pulled to the side (using the awesome barrette I bought for $11 at a craft fair).

7.  We got our invitations in the mail this week, so we have a good two weeks to address them, stamp them and get them out at the 8 week point.

8.  We picked our menu for dinner.

Yay for wedding productivity!¬† I can’t wait for the day to just be here so we can get married and be husband and wife and go on our honeymoon! ūüôā


Scaredy Cat

The other day I got home from work and to my surprise there was no one there to greet me! ¬†Usually before I even get to our apartment¬†I can hear a little kitty voice calling to me and the minute I unlock the door there’s an adorable little pink nose squishing¬†it’s way¬†through.¬† And once I pick up said kitty, it’s aaaall purrs.

It’s¬†easily one of the¬†best parts about Rotor and makes me smile no matter what kind of mood I am in after my day at work.¬† Natty is usually somewhere not very far behind, just a little quieter and a little less abrasive with her excitement to have me home.

Last week, however,¬†I walked down the hall and heard nothing.¬† I unlocked the door, walked in, set down my purse, and there was nothing.¬† Now every now and then Rotor will be SO passed out on the bed, he won’t hear me coming home, but that’s usually on days when I come home at a weird time that he’s not expecting.¬† But this day everything was on schedule, so I was surprised to not only not be greeted at the door, but to not find Rotor or Natty on the bed.¬† Or on the couch.¬† Or in the kitchen. ¬†Or in the bathroom.¬† For those of you who have not seen our condo, that list pretty much covers all possible locations for the kitties.

At this point I started calling out and making the usual little kitty noises to get their attention.¬† After about a minute of this, Natty finally popped her head out from under the bed, and quickly came over to me and started rubbing all over me.¬† She seemed fine, but there was still no Rotor.¬† I got down and started looking under the bed (there’s a LOT of stuff down there, so¬†it’s no easy feat to find a kitty amongst the boxes).¬†¬†Lo and behold, there was Rotor, shakin’ in his boots.¬† When he saw it was me, he attempted to come out from under the bed for about 30 seconds (visibly shaking the whole time), before retreating back to his hiding place.

At this point it hit me – our building was scheduled to be powerwashed that day.

I can only imagine the thunderous roar of the powerwash¬†that echoed through our apartment the entire day, not to mention, I’m sure there were¬†strange men climbing up and down our balcony all day long to get to the balconies below us to powerwash them.

To say Rotor was scared was an understatement.¬† It took HOURS for him to finally come out from under the bed, and even at that point he was still shaken and VERY cautious of walking by the sliding glass door (where the strange men no doubtedly traveled up and down all day).¬† I felt so bad for the poor little guy because he clearly just didn’t understand why his usually peaceful home had been¬†invaded with loud noises¬†that day.

Fortunately, after a night curled up between¬†M. and me, Rotor was back to his normal self the next day, and in his normal spot, there to greet me at the door when I got home from work. ūüôā

Fancy Nails Follow-up

Just wanted to do a quick follow-up to my previous post about having my nails done for a few of you ladies who were interested.  It’s been two weeks now since I’ve gotten them done and from a distance, I’d say they still look fine (see picture below), but if you look up close they’re starting to look… aged?  Lol, not sure if that’s the word, but I’ll explain.

So nothing has chipped, but a few of them have started to look like they could be peeled off, if I put the effort into doing so.  I think a big part of having these nails is about just not destroying them yourself (we are all guilty of the boredom which results in completely chipping/scratching/peeling whatever paint is left on our nails).  Then the white tips have started to show wear and tear and you can even see my natural nail under a few of them as they start to grow out.  And speaking of growing out, that is the one main visual issue, my nails are growing and you can very obviously see the space between my cuticle and the gel put on top of my nail.  I guess that’s why I’ve heard of people getting their nails “filled” as an upkeep sort of thing, but personally I’ll probably just see what happens and eventually peel the gels off myself, as opposed to spending more money.

Ahh yes, money.  These little babies were expensive!  I had thought about getting them done for the bridal shower and then paying to have them done a few times this summer through until the wedding, ha, yeah right!  I’d rather save that money for something fun on our honeymoon then pay to have my nails done again this summer.  With tip and everything, I spent somewhere in the $90 range.  Ugh, I’m ashamed to even admit that – don’t judge me!!!  So yeah, definitely won’t be getting them done again until the wedding and honestly I’m not even sure I want them done for the wedding.  I think I do, because they do look nice for pictures and stuff, I’m just not sure if I feel like they’re reeeeally worth the money.

Anyway, here is a close-up shot for you to see what they look like at two weeks:

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

I had my wedding¬†make-up trial run this morning and think it went really well!¬† My make-up artist’s name is Liz Wegrzyn and she seemed really confident and very knowledgeable.¬† I brought in some clippings from magazines of what I wanted my make-up to look like and she really didn’t stray at all and never made me feel uncomfortable when I asked her to tweak something she’d done, which was super important to me.¬† My wedding make-up is definitely something that I’m going to see in pictures for YEARS to come, so I don’t want a pushy artist who doesn’t listen to what I really want and just gives me what she thinks I want.¬† So here¬†are the results:

As you can tell, I definitely went for a lighter/more natural look.¬† I didn’t want to walk down the aisle and have Matt not recognize me!¬† I mean, I know it’s my wedding day, but I still am who I am and I¬†like¬†who I am, so I didn’t want to go crazy¬†making myself something I’m not.¬† My only thought is maybe my eyes should be a little more emphasized?¬† But then again, I really kind of like the simple look.¬† I dunno, what do you all think?

Dear Country Strong, You suck.

When Country Strong¬†was released in January of this year I really wanted to go see it, but of course with one thing or another always getting in the way, I never made it out to the theater, so instead I put it on my Netflix queue and waited with bated breath.¬† Well this past week the time finally came that Country Strong graced me with it’s presence¬†in¬†our little mailbox.¬† So Saturday afternoon¬†I had a couple hours to kill, so it was finally time!¬† Popped that baby in the PS3 and sat down for some solid entertainment – or so I thought.

Let me just say, Country Strong sucked, and I don’t think anyone should ever waste their time watching it, thus I am going to take about 1 minute of your time to tell you how much it sucked and save your time.¬†¬†So this is my warning that I strongly advise against¬†wasting two hours of your life, but if you still insist upon it, you should probably stop reading this blog because I am going to spoil the whole thing.

So Kelly (Gwenyth¬†Paltrow) is a country singer fresh out of rehab.¬† Six months prior to the start of the movie she was pregnant, got drunk, performed, fell off a stage, killed the baby, went to rehab.¬† Now it’s time for the “encore” tour after rehab.¬† Performance #1 is in Houston – Kelly gets drunk beforehand and screws the whole thing up.¬† Kelly cheats on her husband (Tim McGraw).¬† Performance #2 is in Austin – Kelly gets drunk beforehand and they cancel the show.¬† Kelly cheats on her husband with a different man.¬†¬†Kelly does a charity thing (soberly), meets a little kid with cancer, has a touching moment with her husband.¬† Performance #3 is in Dallas – Kelly doesn’t drink, does an amazing show.¬† Kelly goes to her dressing room and intentionally overdoses and kills herself.

Yep.¬† That’s it.¬† That is the movie.¬† There are no¬†high points, no happiness,¬†no nothing! ¬†How freakin’ awful is that?!¬† The whole movie is called Country Strong, too!¬† How the hell is killing yourself considered “country strong”?!¬† It’s not!¬† It’s weak.¬† This movie should’ve been called Country Weak.

Now all of that said, I will argue the actors were good at their roles and the singing was good, too, but the storyline was just SO bad that it kind of faded out all the other good stuff.¬† Stupid movie, thank GOODNESS I Netflixed you and didn’t pay full price, otherwise I would’ve been really pissed at how much you sucked.

Homemade Tomato Sauce

I went to the farmer’s market in Dupont Circle this morning and bought all kinds of goodies, like fresh baked bread, fresh pesto, delicious strawberries, and ripe tomatoes. ¬†So when I got home I decided to make some homemade tomato sauce, and it turned out quite tasty if I do say so myself!

Here’s my little recipe:

8 tomatoes
6 garlic cloves
2 c. fresh basil
1 tsp crushed red pepper

Blanch and peel the tomatoes, then cut them into quarters, throw them into a pot along with everything else and let it simmer for an hour. ¬†Lol. ¬†Yep, that’s it. ūüôā

Chicken Noodle Soup

Thanks to my awesome friend, K., for sharing her recipe with me! ūüôā