Wedding Progress!

Yes, another wedding post. 🙂

Well we’re almost to the 10 week mark and let me just say, this past week has been SO productive!  Seriously!  I’m starting to finally feel like I really have a grasp on this thing and it’s not just carrying me away!  Yay!  So here’s the update (because it makes me feel good to write it out and I know y’all care so much ;)).

1.  I finally booked an officiant!!!  For anyone who has seen me in the last six months, you know this has been my #1 stressor for wedding planning and thank GOODNESS it is finally over and we have an actual officiant who can legally marry us!  Whew!

2.  We decided on our favors – personalized m&m’s since that’s how M. proposed to me. 🙂 On Monday we ordered them and on Wednesday they arrived – wow!  And since the MP volunteered to put them all together for us, they’re pretty much checked off my list at this point.  Yay!

3.  I bought the LED candles to go in our luminaries this past weekend at the Christmas Tree Shoppe for a SUPER afforadable price.

4.  I’ve figured out our plan for the escort cards, programs, and menus and L. is helping me make all of them!

5.  I made a digital photo album (50+ pages!) of the first five years of M. and I together to have out at the wedding for people to look through.

6.  I had my hair trial run earlier this week and it went great.  I’m just going to wear it down with a little bit pulled to the side (using the awesome barrette I bought for $11 at a craft fair).

7.  We got our invitations in the mail this week, so we have a good two weeks to address them, stamp them and get them out at the 8 week point.

8.  We picked our menu for dinner.

Yay for wedding productivity!  I can’t wait for the day to just be here so we can get married and be husband and wife and go on our honeymoon! 🙂

  1. Hooray! Glad you’re getting so much done…I feel a little guilty that I’m not really around to help :-/

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