Scaredy Cat

The other day I got home from work and to my surprise there was no one there to greet me!  Usually before I even get to our apartment I can hear a little kitty voice calling to me and the minute I unlock the door there’s an adorable little pink nose squishing it’s way through.  And once I pick up said kitty, it’s aaaall purrs.

It’s easily one of the best parts about Rotor and makes me smile no matter what kind of mood I am in after my day at work.  Natty is usually somewhere not very far behind, just a little quieter and a little less abrasive with her excitement to have me home.

Last week, however, I walked down the hall and heard nothing.  I unlocked the door, walked in, set down my purse, and there was nothing.  Now every now and then Rotor will be SO passed out on the bed, he won’t hear me coming home, but that’s usually on days when I come home at a weird time that he’s not expecting.  But this day everything was on schedule, so I was surprised to not only not be greeted at the door, but to not find Rotor or Natty on the bed.  Or on the couch.  Or in the kitchen.  Or in the bathroom.  For those of you who have not seen our condo, that list pretty much covers all possible locations for the kitties.

At this point I started calling out and making the usual little kitty noises to get their attention.  After about a minute of this, Natty finally popped her head out from under the bed, and quickly came over to me and started rubbing all over me.  She seemed fine, but there was still no Rotor.  I got down and started looking under the bed (there’s a LOT of stuff down there, so it’s no easy feat to find a kitty amongst the boxes).  Lo and behold, there was Rotor, shakin’ in his boots.  When he saw it was me, he attempted to come out from under the bed for about 30 seconds (visibly shaking the whole time), before retreating back to his hiding place.

At this point it hit me – our building was scheduled to be powerwashed that day.

I can only imagine the thunderous roar of the powerwash that echoed through our apartment the entire day, not to mention, I’m sure there were strange men climbing up and down our balcony all day long to get to the balconies below us to powerwash them.

To say Rotor was scared was an understatement.  It took HOURS for him to finally come out from under the bed, and even at that point he was still shaken and VERY cautious of walking by the sliding glass door (where the strange men no doubtedly traveled up and down all day).  I felt so bad for the poor little guy because he clearly just didn’t understand why his usually peaceful home had been invaded with loud noises that day.

Fortunately, after a night curled up between M. and me, Rotor was back to his normal self the next day, and in his normal spot, there to greet me at the door when I got home from work. 🙂

  1. Poor little guy! Good thing Natty was brave enough to come out and show you where he was hiding or you would have REALLY been worried.

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