Fancy Nails Follow-up

Just wanted to do a quick follow-up to my previous post about having my nails done for a few of you ladies who were interested.  It’s been two weeks now since I’ve gotten them done and from a distance, I’d say they still look fine (see picture below), but if you look up close they’re starting to look… aged?  Lol, not sure if that’s the word, but I’ll explain.

So nothing has chipped, but a few of them have started to look like they could be peeled off, if I put the effort into doing so.  I think a big part of having these nails is about just not destroying them yourself (we are all guilty of the boredom which results in completely chipping/scratching/peeling whatever paint is left on our nails).  Then the white tips have started to show wear and tear and you can even see my natural nail under a few of them as they start to grow out.  And speaking of growing out, that is the one main visual issue, my nails are growing and you can very obviously see the space between my cuticle and the gel put on top of my nail.  I guess that’s why I’ve heard of people getting their nails “filled” as an upkeep sort of thing, but personally I’ll probably just see what happens and eventually peel the gels off myself, as opposed to spending more money.

Ahh yes, money.  These little babies were expensive!  I had thought about getting them done for the bridal shower and then paying to have them done a few times this summer through until the wedding, ha, yeah right!  I’d rather save that money for something fun on our honeymoon then pay to have my nails done again this summer.  With tip and everything, I spent somewhere in the $90 range.  Ugh, I’m ashamed to even admit that – don’t judge me!!!  So yeah, definitely won’t be getting them done again until the wedding and honestly I’m not even sure I want them done for the wedding.  I think I do, because they do look nice for pictures and stuff, I’m just not sure if I feel like they’re reeeeally worth the money.

Anyway, here is a close-up shot for you to see what they look like at two weeks:

  1. They looked so good at your bridal shower, but now I’d just say “eew yuck!” to the growing-out issue. Not sure you need to spend $90 again when a good $30 will get you a pretty manicure. Just get it done the day before so it’s still fresh. In the pictures, you won’t be able to tell the difference!

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