Dear Country Strong, You suck.

When Country Strong was released in January of this year I really wanted to go see it, but of course with one thing or another always getting in the way, I never made it out to the theater, so instead I put it on my Netflix queue and waited with bated breath.  Well this past week the time finally came that Country Strong graced me with it’s presence in our little mailbox.  So Saturday afternoon I had a couple hours to kill, so it was finally time!  Popped that baby in the PS3 and sat down for some solid entertainment – or so I thought.

Let me just say, Country Strong sucked, and I don’t think anyone should ever waste their time watching it, thus I am going to take about 1 minute of your time to tell you how much it sucked and save your time.  So this is my warning that I strongly advise against wasting two hours of your life, but if you still insist upon it, you should probably stop reading this blog because I am going to spoil the whole thing.

So Kelly (Gwenyth Paltrow) is a country singer fresh out of rehab.  Six months prior to the start of the movie she was pregnant, got drunk, performed, fell off a stage, killed the baby, went to rehab.  Now it’s time for the “encore” tour after rehab.  Performance #1 is in Houston – Kelly gets drunk beforehand and screws the whole thing up.  Kelly cheats on her husband (Tim McGraw).  Performance #2 is in Austin – Kelly gets drunk beforehand and they cancel the show.  Kelly cheats on her husband with a different man.  Kelly does a charity thing (soberly), meets a little kid with cancer, has a touching moment with her husband.  Performance #3 is in Dallas – Kelly doesn’t drink, does an amazing show.  Kelly goes to her dressing room and intentionally overdoses and kills herself.

Yep.  That’s it.  That is the movie.  There are no high points, no happiness, no nothing!  How freakin’ awful is that?!  The whole movie is called Country Strong, too!  How the hell is killing yourself considered “country strong”?!  It’s not!  It’s weak.  This movie should’ve been called Country Weak.

Now all of that said, I will argue the actors were good at their roles and the singing was good, too, but the storyline was just SO bad that it kind of faded out all the other good stuff.  Stupid movie, thank GOODNESS I Netflixed you and didn’t pay full price, otherwise I would’ve been really pissed at how much you sucked.

  1. OMG! I thought I wanted to see that movie too. Thanks for sparing me the trouble!!!!

  2. Wha . . .? She commits suicide at the end? Seriously? Wow. Yep, staying far, far away from this one!

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