Frances, the Italian Seamstress Goddess

Yesterday, my big sister (aka my MOH) and the MP came with me to my first dress fitting.  I was back and forth about whether or not to just go to David’s Bridal for my dress fitting, or to trek all the way out to Columbia, Maryland to see Frances, the woman who fitted both my sister and my sister-in-law’s wedding dresses and did an awesome job.  I went over the debate of convenience with a questionable quality versus inconvenience with a guaranteed quality about a bajillion times in my head, until I finally just decided I wanted quality and I’d make the drive out to Columbia for it and let me just say, I am SO happy I did!

When I purchased my dress from David’s Bridal, they sold me one of those shapewear type bras (that go all the way down to your hips to suck in the belly) and a slip with all this extra poof.  Well when I got to Frances’s and put on my bra, she immediately pointed out that it didn’t fit me correctly.  I had kind of noticed it was tight on me, and kept asking people if it looked alright, but everyone just kept telling me it was the right size, so I just kept my mouth shut.  So I went ahead and tried on the dress with it anyway (since it was the only one I had) and she looked at me and said, “No, no, take it off” as she quickly started unzipping my dress and unsnapping my bra from behind, lol.  So I took off the bra and tried on my dress without a bra for the first time and it was like magic!  The too-small-bra had been pinching me and actually making me look chubbier up top, so when I took it off I looked slimmer!  Then she points out, “You don’t need to wear this slip, your dress has enough poof on it’s own, this slip will just make you hot.”  Man, where was Frances when I bought my dress?  Lol.  She also pointed out I don’t even need to have the dress fitted, the bodice already fits me perfectly and the length is just right.  THEN, to make the appointment even more amazing, Frances overheard me talking about how I still need a veil, and she instantly said (thick Italian accent and all), “Oh no, they charge $200-300, no no, I make you one, I make you veil to match your dress.”  Helloooo, Frances, my new best friend!

I seriously am just SO happy I decided to use Frances because I’m sure if I had used David’s Bridal they would’ve just made the situation worse and probably told me I needed to buy something else from them!  I do have to go back to them, though, and explain that they sold me the wrong type of bra and convince them to let me exchange it for the right type of bra, which I’m sure will be tons of fun.  Not.  But I’m hopeful it won’t be too painful of a situation!  Fingers crossed!

  1. Just take Frances with you to get your new bra and she’ll keep them in line. I can hear her now… “no, no.”

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