Hello middle school, nice to see you again

I loved leggings when I was little.  I had pink ones and green ones and red ones and teal ones.  Remember the ones with stirrups?  Yep, I had a cream pair of them.  I used to wear matching turtle necks and leggings with long baggy sweaters or sweatshirts over top (not hoodies, no no, these were old school sweatshirts).  Or maybe just a tshirt and some leggings when it was warmer out.  I remember this one pair was like a solid dark fuscia, but it was patterned (like an imprinted pattern, so from far away they just looked like one solid color, but up close you could see the detail), they were one of my favorite pairs.  Every Christmas I would wear green ones and my sister would wear red ones, you know, so we’d coordinate.  Alright, maybe that wasn’t every Christmas, maybe it was just one Christmas where we took a lot of pictures so it really sticks out in my mind, but whatever, you get my point.  Leggings were a big deal in my life.  Later I remember being teased by my high school friends a la, “I remember when you used to wear leggings, you were such a dork.”  But in the moment, I was blissfully unaware of my leggings-dorkiness.

I can’t say I remember when they faded out of my wardrobe, but eventually they did just that, and I continued on blissfully unaware that they were even absent, until recently.  What happened as of late to bring this lack of leggings to my attention?  I bought a bunch of cute little skirts and dresses and was complaining to E. about how sometimes it’s just a little too cold to wear them, or my legs are too white and pasty right now to wear them and she was like, “Go get leggings! Duh!”  Alright, in her defense, she didn’t actually say “Duh,” but you get my drift.  So leggings?  Really?  Am I going back there?  Yes, I guess I am.

So last weekend M. had to go to Best Buy, so I got him to drop me off at Target, where I ventured in and bought my first pair of leggings in fifteen years [is anyone else having a mini-panick attack that we’re old enough for fashion trends to have faded and since come back??].  Granted, the days of full length leggings with a turtle neck and a sweatshirt aren’t back in full swing, this is more cute little skirt with clam-digger length leggings, but still, they are leggings and no one can deny that.  So that brings us to last night, where, yes, my friends, I did it.  I wore my leggings out in public for the first time and I’m not gonna lie, I actually think I looked pretty darn cute!  I snapped a quick picture on my camera (had to share with E. so she’d be proud!), so y’all can check it out too and be eye-witnesses to the fact, that I have reverted back to middle school and do, in fact, own leggings again.

  1. Yaaaaaaaay! I want a pair, too. (Also, I’m pretty sure it was just ONE Christmas).

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