Shortbread Cookies + Jam? Yes, please!

Sibling Dinner was at our place last night, so I decided to try my hand at some jam-filled cookies (or thumb-print cookies, whichever name you prefer).  I had some homemade strawberry and peach jam from my Aunt, and figured this endeavour would be the perfect place to use them!  I found a recipe online, that had great reviews and decided I’d give it a try.  So Wednesday night I started baking and to my great joy, those little suckers turned out amazing!  I’m probably slightly partial since, 1) I made them, and 2) soft shortbread cookies are my favorite, but who cares, these little gems are delicious!  Here’s the original full recipe by MKHG, and here’s the recipe I used with some small variations:

I seriously can’t get enough of these things and am already thinking up excuses to make more – is it bad to bring cookies to your own bridal shower?

  1. I’m munching on my take-home cookies right now! So yum. And I love the way you put the recipe on top of your pics. So cool!!

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