O’Doyle’s Rule!

My freshmen year at the University of Maryland marked the start of a very special tradition – B. Night!  Okay, there’s a chance the tradition actually started before me, I’m not really sure, but my freshmen year of college is when this tradition began incorporating yours truly.

B. Night (B. = our last name), was a weekly tradition where myself (a wee little freshmen), my big brother (a junior) and my big sister (a big bad senior) all had dinner together.  We’d rotate each week who would host (if it was my turn we ate at the diner on North Campus, if it was M.’s turn we ate at his apartment off campus with his three roommates – who became honorary siblings, and if it was C.’s turn we ate at her apartment on South Campus).  At the beginning of each semester we’d discuss amongst ourselves what day worked best with our schedules, and for those four months, every week we’d get together on that night and have dinner together.  These “B. Nights” quickly became something I cherished and the tradition carried on for 3.5 of my 4 years of college, until both C. and M. graduated the December of my senior year, leaving me as the sole B. on campus my final Spring semester (yes, I was sad).

Jumping forward to three college-graduated B.’s, who all lived at home for a brief period of time, we didn’t really need to schedule dinners to hang out, it was like we were kids again and were all right down the hall from one another (which brought the good, and the bad, as anyone who shares a bathroom with their siblings knows).  Then M. bought a house with L., and C. and B. moved in with M. and L. (am I confusing you enough yet?) and we decided to pick up “B. Nights” again, only with a few new additions – L. and B., which meant “B. Night” evolved to “Sibling Dinner,” since we weren’t all B.’s anymore.

Jump forward almost four years, and we’re still going strong!  We’ve since added a sixth member to our little tradition – M. (of course!), and we’ve cut our weekly dinners down to bi-weekly dinners (work + life + adult responsibility makes life WAY too busy sometimes).  Either way, I still cherish our tradition and am really thankful for my awesome siblings who I love hanging out with!  Even now when I tell people about our “Sibling Dinners,” they always think it’s so cool and are impressed that we make such an effort to see one another.

I know one day in the not so far future, our lives will take us in different directions and we won’t live quite as close to each other as we do now, so we won’t be able to see each other as much, but that just makes me even more appreciative of the time we spend together now. 🙂 Awww, yay for a cheesy post. 🙂

  1. Yay, indeed! I am really going to miss them, too… they’ve been going on for nearly ten years (am I exaggerating a bit?). Well anyway, I can’t remember a time when we didn’t have them. How about that!?

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