Christmas in July!

I know I already posted this on my Facebook page, but I’m just so excited I figured I’d blog about it too!  Here is a picture of Hallmark’s 2011 Fire Brigade fire truck (9th in Series) aka my Dad’s fire truck!

So here’s the scoop, last year Hallmark contacted my Dad and said they’d found a picture of his fire truck online and were wondering if it’d be alright if they modeled the 2011 Fire Brigade truck after my father’s actual 1957 Chevrolet fire truck.  [Side Note:  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hallmark ornaments, every year they come out with new ones; some of them are just random and some of them are part of a series where they release a new one every year and they become collectible.  The series are really anything you can think of from Harley Davidson to Snoopy to baseball heros to Barbie to a firetruck series!  And they release these ornaments in July (just a few months before Christmas, lol).]  So Hallmark contacts my Dad and (of course) he enthusiastically says yes!  My mother has been an avid Hallmark ornament collector for years and already owned the rest of the Fire Brigade series, so they were both beaming with excitement over the opportunity.  From there my Dad took hundreds of pictures of his truck, from every single angle, and sent them off to the ornament designer who took the pictures and modeled the little mini ornament version.  After that we all pretty much just had to sit around and wait for the ornament to get here (remember, all of this happened a year ago, so anticipation has been killer), but now it’s finally here!  Even though the ornament isn’t available for sale yet, Hallmark has released pictures of the 2011 ornaments, which have made their way to the internet (thus the picture above), so yay!  So now it’s just a matter of weeks before Saturday, July 16th gets here and the ornament is officially on the shelves and ready for purchase.  And if anyone is interested in seeing the actual fire truck, just ask, because I know my Dad is going to be smiling from ear to ear and proud to show off his fire truck (along with it’s little mini-me ornament) to anyone who’d like to see the pair.

  1. That is seriously cool — and yay for your dad! I’d be beaming from ear to ear, too. I know that’s his baby. 🙂

    • Shanea
    • May 12th, 2011

    So cool. What a proud moment for your family. Awesome!!

  2. I think he should buy one just to hang in the rear-view mirror of the fire truck. Dontcha think?!

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