Tomato and Basil

A few weekends ago M. and I were at Lowe’s and we were feeling a little feisty so we bought a basil plant and a cherry tomato plant!  Prior to these two guys, the only plants we’ve ever had together are our faux Ficus and a poor little cat mint plant that C. got us as a housewarming gift, which, sadly to say, didn’t survive much beyond a few months.

So now we are real grown adults with real vegetable/herb producing plants out on our balcony and the best part is, we’re using the pretty pot that C. gave us (originally with the mint in it) for the basil, yay!

  1. Ooh, I love the idea of growing herbs and plants — it does seem like a very “adult” thing to do! Nice and responsible and cool, hehe. Your patio looks so nice — love those chairs!

  2. Thank you! We love that set – it fits out on our tiny balcony perfectly and with the hidden ottomans, provides lots of seating without taking up a lot of storage space. Yay Target! 🙂

  3. Very proud!

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