Eastern Market Awandering

M. had to work yesterday so I wandered over to Eastern Market just to get out of the house and appreciate the warm weather.  While at Eastern Market there were some awesome things that happened… and one not so awesome thing, but more on that later.  So the awesomeness included:

1.  I found a purty necklace at the first booth I stopped at, but didn’t want to purchase something so quickly, so after walking around for another 45 minutes or so, I went back (and freaked myself out when I thought the necklace was gone, lol) but fortunately it wasn’t.

2.  I got my own personal Huey fly-by, which was sweet!

3.  I got a delicious crabcake sandwich from the little cafe inside the Eastern Market building.

And now for the “not-so-awesome” part:

4.  I totally burned my back!  Yikes!  What was I thinking?  Kicking off the summer I’m getting married (in a strapless dress, mind you), by burning a tank top outline onto my shoulders and back isn’t exactly my finest moment.  Oops!

  1. Boo for a sunburn! I actually burned my nose while we were in England — the sun was brighter than I expected! It’s better now, thankfully. Hope you’re not in too much pain!

    Love that necklace, too! I’m always afraid of spending my money too quickly at things like markets and fairs — especially because you have to have cash! So I wind up seeing some things I like but waiting to come back and make sure I’m still committed and in love with them… but sometimes I forget to return for my prize. I guess that just means I save money, though. 🙂

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