I wish my closet had a refresh button

I am tired of my closet.  I dream of a day when I can throw away everything in my closet and go shopping and miracously find all new clothes that 1) fit my body perfectly; 2) are all 50% off the clearance price; and 3) don’t require any weird maintenance (ironing, dry cleaning, etc.).  What woman wouldn’t love that??

But seriously, I don’t know what happened, but I have a hunch it’s this funny combination of coming up on my 5th anniversary from graduating college + getting married + body changing + fashion evolving that has made me despise most everything in my closet and yearn for clothes that make me feel more like me.  Right now I feel like I’m stuck with a little bit of clothes leftover from college, then I’m stuck with some clothes that don’t really fit me well since I gained a few pounds, then I’ve got things that were fashionable last year, but now I laugh at the thought of even wearing those items in public and I’ve got the usual comfy clothes (like tshirts) that don’t really make me feel like the 26 year old, almost married, professional that I am.  I feel lost.

Lost in my identity, lost in my closet.  Like, in terms of style, who am I?  What clothes do I want to wear?  What message do I want to send?  How do I want to represent myself?  I think what I want is to show that I’m fun and I’m silly, but I’m a grown woman who can take care of herself.  I want to look put together; I want to know how to put myself together.  Like I want to have cute shoes and fun accessories and skirts and tops and blazers and things that can be mixed and matched.  I want to look like I live in the city this summer.  I don’t want to look like the Hughesville-bumpkin I often feel like when I throw on jeans, flip flops and a tshirt.  There’s nothing wrong with that look, I just think I can glam up that look.  Maybe instead of an actual tshirt, I wear a pretty tshirt and a big dangly necklace and some cute sandals and skinny jeans.  Ya know?  I just feel like it’s time to mix it up and come alive through my clothes!  No more boring clothes that just cover up who I am, I want my clothes to represent who I am!

Am I making sense?  This all might seem likes it is coming out of left field, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot.  I think because I’ve been trying to lose weight and feel better about myself and I know that feeling better about myself is like 90% from within, but there is a percent of feeling better about myself that comes from the way I decorate myself (as silly as that sounds).  Anyone who doesn’t know me, just sees my clothes, so why not put more effort into those clothes and improve that first impression, improve how I represent myself and improve how I feel about myself.  I want to feel fresh and new!

Okay, now aaaall of that being said, of course we all know it’s not just that easy.  You can’t just think, I want a new look and wiggle your nose and have it appear before you.  These things take time, they take patience and they take money.  The patience is probably the hardest part for me.  Being a 5’11 Amazon with ape-like arms and a rib cage that could poke your eyes out, I struggle finding clothes that flatter me.  Maybe they’ll fit my length, but they’ll be big and baggy around my body, or maybe they’ll fit my waist, but my chest is bustin’ at the seams.  There seems to be no “Erin” store out there that just caters to my dimensions (which I just have to say, I initially typed that “dementions”, but I’m pretty sure that’s something else).  Anyway, I know I’m rambling, but are you following?

Basically, I want to hit the “Refresh” button on my closet, but I know realistically, it’s never that easy.  So keep your fingers crossed that when I venture out this weekend (yes, this weekend), that I am successful in some shape or form.  Maybe a new spring dress?  Maybe cute shoes?  Maybe a fun necklace?  Maybe new pretty work clothes?  Maybe all of the above???  Get excited people.  Get excited.

  1. I’M EXCITED, PEOPLE; I’M EXCITED! (more to come later)

    • Shanea
    • April 14th, 2011

    Well this is your season so go ahead and live it up. Dress the part of all of those components that make you, YOU. Not that I dress like a fashion plate but I think every woman should have a fashion role model…pick someone whose fashion sense you like and could steal ideas from and go from there to get to the improved you. Good luck!

  2. (it’s later)

    So I know exactly what you’re talking about. Why do you think I had a jewelry party last year? Let me just say that I FINALLY feel like a grown-up now that I have a variety of accessories to jazz up my outfits. You’d be surprised at how much more attention my outfits get when I have a flashy necklace. And no one compliments the necklace–they say things like “nice shirt” or “your hair looks different today.” Ha! It feels good.

    Anyway, I’m sure you’ll enjoy shopping, and I’m sure you’ll come home with at least a few new items 🙂

  3. Ohhhh, Erin – I LOVE shopping! I’ve taken a couple friends out for “I need a new look” trips, and it’s so much fun! If you give me a couple ideas of things you like, I can probably point you to a couple stores. Of course, I would also love to go WITH you to those stores 😉

    One quick note – though the styles are sometimes-hot, sometimes-not, Gap and Old Navy BOTH carry “tall” sizes (not just in pants, but shirts and dresses as well). I’ve found a lot of stuff that works great for my body. I’m not 5’11”, but you know what I mean.

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