Ack! Where has the time gone?

It’s amazing how fast three weeks can fly by and I can completely forget to blog the whole time!

So much has been keeping me busy – with wedding planning at the top of the list.  I met with the florist a few weeks ago, we set up our registry finally, we sent out our save-the-dates last week, we bought my wedding band, we went to a food tasting, and I’m sure we’ve done other things that I don’t even remember.  I never expected wedding planning to consume my life quite so much!  But we’re already to the less than six month countdown, so I’m sure the time between now and then is really going to fly by.

In other news, I was in Sacramento for a week for work.  Nothing too exciting there.  We did attend the Sacramento Kings v. Orlando Magic basketball game, which was fun.  Attending an NBA game is something I can check off the list now.  There’s really nothing else in Sacramento.

Then last Thursday/Saturday, M. and I went to 6 basketball games at the Verizon Center for the NCAA Tournament.  That was pretty sweet (and something else I can check off the list!).  It would’ve been better had we been a little more invested in any of the teams, but still a good time nonetheless.  The Pitt (1) v. Butler (8) game was by far the best.  Seeing a one-seed upset was awesomeeee (not so much for Pitt, but solid entertainment for us).

Now I’m just waiting for the warm weather to officially roll in, fortunately this winter went by somewhat quickly, but I’m still VERY ready for the warmth to get here for good.  Then it will be photo-outing time!  I can’t wait! 🙂

  1. Photo-shoot time, indeed! Can’t wait to put a date on the calendar 🙂

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