National Pancake Day!?

All morning I had that silly “Blueberry Pancakes” song stuck in my head (you know the one from the Bisquick commercials?).  And everytime I sang it (which has been way too many times this morning) I thought, man, I haven’t had pancakes in forever, I really want some pancakes and then my mind would wander to I wonder what the calories are for pancakes?  And then I’d just sadly tell myself, no, no pancakes today.

Then it happened.  Randomly in conversation with my co-worker he happened to mention that today, March 1, 2011, is National Pancake Day and IHOP is giving away FREE pancakes!  That is just too good to be true and a sign from God that I merely can not ignore.  I mean, what’re the odds I’d be dreaming about pancakes all day and then find out they are free at IHOP?!

The funny thing is, I hate participating in *free* giveaways at restaurants and whatnot (like the free scoop at Baskin Robbins).  Enduring the wait and the guaranteed chaos and the crowd of people is really never worth whatever it is that I’m getting for free.  But does that mean I am turning my back on this sign from God?  Heck no!  I’ve got Bisquick at home, I’ve got milk, I’ve got eggs, I’ve got a griddle and I even have a plethera of homemade jams from my aunt to spread on that most delicious of breakfast treats – the pancake.  Sure, I have syrup too, but the calories are still somewhat looming over me, so I’ll resist the urge… maybe.  I might even get a little frisky and stop at the grocery store for some strawberries… mmm… fresh warm pancakes with strawberries… ahh, heaven.

So tonight, my friends, I will have my own little private clebration for National Pancake Day (don’t worry, I’ll let M. participate) and it is going to be a-ma-zing.  And if you’re feeling the pancake love today, you too should partake in this oh so wonderful of holidays as well!

  1. Wh-wha-whaaat?! Oh I am SO craving pancakes now, TOO! Except I had a plan. A plan for salad. But in other news, I’m pretty sure that next Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday. So you can have them two weeks in a row!

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