Weekend Extravaganza!

Friday night was glorious because fiancé and I did nothing, except watch our Netflix movie and drink margaritas.  Saturday we hit up Fort Belvoir’s bridal show, which was good because I got to meet some of the vendors I’ll be working with for our wedding.  Then Saturday night fiancé and I went to Gordon Biersch to celebrate our five year anniversary.  That’s right, five years.  Kinda crazy.  I promised him this would be the last year I’d make him celebrate the day we met, though, because next year we’ll have a wedding anniversary.  Even crazier!  Dinner was delicious and the beer wasn’t too shabby, I mainly enjoyed my company, though. 🙂 I love that even after five years, I still love dressing up and going out with my best friend, who always knows how to make me laugh and can read my mind better than anyone.  Can’t wait to be able to call him my hubby. 🙂 Anyway, then today poor M. left for work before 7am, so I got up around 8am, went swimming, wandered over to Eastern Market, bought some delicious homemade pickles, a few fresh apples and this shirt (plus matching sticker to take to work and rub it in those silly Virginian’s faces that I work with, lol):

All-in-all, a great weekend so far!  Now I’m off to the grocery store and then maybe a little wedding organizing, weeee!

  1. Wow you were GIDDY when you wrote this! Glad you had such a good weekend with fiance… those are the best 🙂

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