happy happy joy joy

My fiancé is hooooooome!  Hooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! 🙂 And seven months from today, he will be my husband – super duper hooray! 🙂

Other than that excitement, I’ve been sticking to my diet (although with M. home it has been a little more difficult), but I really want to lose the weight and just feel better about myself, so I’m trying to not let his being home affect my workout routine and meal planning.  He’s a hundred and ten percent in support of me feeling better about myself, so he’s not trying to sabotage it or anything, we’ve just eaten out both nights he’s been home so far, lol.  But that will die down soon and we’ll start eating healthy dinners together at home.  Anyway, I’ve been stuck at my eight pound mark for about a week now (I had a slight set back with everything that happened over Superbowl weekend, lol), but I’m back to an eight pound loss, which (I’ll just put it out there), puts me at exactly 160 pounds, so I’m pretty excited to knock off another pound and be in the 150’s.  Silly how much a number can matter (I mean, we all know there’s really no difference between 159 and 160), it’s just going to be so glorious to see it on the scale, lol.

Last night M. bought us Linkin Park tickets for tonight’s concert (he wasn’t sure if he’d be home in time to go so he hadn’t bought tickets in advance).  Then this morning, Linkin Park had to cancel their show because the lead singer is sick.  Boo!  Hopefully they’ll reschedule to a time when we can still go.  They’re not really my thing (I like some of their songs, but there’s just a lot of screaming going on), but they’re M.’s favorite band, so he was pretty stoked, and then subsequently pretty disappointed.  Oh well, at least we still have our Jimmy Eat World tickets for Sunday.  Hopefully that’ll be a good show at the 930 club.

As for the rest of this weekend, M. and I are crashing a wedding to preview a DJ.  I’ve never really crashed a wedding before, so that should be fun, lol.  Do you think we should dress up?  M. doesn’t really want to even go into the room, he just wants to sort of stand outside and listen.  The DJ said this couple went and previewed him at a wedding prior to choosing him, so I guess it’s all just coming full circle now?  Then the jewelry store where M. bought my engagement ring is having a trunk show this weekend, so we’re going to that, which I’m veryyyy excited about.  I haven’t tried on any wedding bands yet so I have no idea what I’m going to like, but hopefully I’ll find something (especially something on sale!). 🙂


  1. I’m trying to lose a bit more weight before my wedding too! I’ve got to get back on track after letting things slide a bit at Christmas (it’s almost March and I’m still saying that!!).

    Enjoy your DJ preview – I hope he’s good! I haven’t got a clue about the evening entertainment for my wedding yet – fingers crossed I’ll think of something soon!

  2. Tralala, to you! Did you find any pretty rings??

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