It’s Friday and I’m feeling listy!

1)  Today is exactly one month since I started dieting and I have lost 7 lbs!  Go me!  Just a few more pounds to “shred” away and I’ll be one happy chicky.

2)  M. comes home in less than two weeks – hooooray!  I know we’ve spent 6 weeks apart more times than I can count, but for some reason this time is just hitting me way harder than usual.  I think it was easier to sort of move on (not forget him, obviously, but move on from the pain of missing him), when I was living at home with my parents.  But now I see his empty side of the bed every stinkin’ night and gosh darn it, it’s cold with only one person in the bed!  So yay yay yay, I can’t wait to hug him and squeeze him and stick my cold toes under him. 🙂

3)  Did you know Valentine’s Day is only a little over two weeks away?  Craziness!  I made reservations for us at Gordon Biersch and I am exciteddd.  M. has never been to GB, but he loves a good brewery, and I’ve only ever been once, but my meal was amazingly delicious, so I’m hoping my choice of restaurants doesn’t disappoint.  (I’ll just have to forget about the diet that night, lol)

4)  Snow.  Well winter is really here, folks, and let me tell you I appreciate my 5 minute commute and my parking garage way more now than ever before.  No 7.5 hour commutes for me, unlike my poor big brother.  I don’t think I could’ve handle the insanity of Wednesday night.  Just glad we’re just getting a light dusting today.  This is the kind of snow I like… the pretty kind.

5)  Wedding Update:  After this weekend the bridesmaids dresses will be all taken care of – yay!  I have seven bridesmaids, so I decided my MOH will wear a certain dress and she’ll be the only one in it, and then everyone else will be paired up with someone else in the same dress.  So there will be four different dress styles in total, everyone will just be in the same color.  I just feel like my bridesmaids all have very different shapes, so I didn’t want to force them into one certain cookie-cutter style, so while yes, I did still narrow them down to three dress choices, I think that’s better than nothing, right?  So here are the four dress:

Now while this is the actual color on the website, this is totally not what the color looks like in person.  It’s much deeper and less poppy-in-your-face-bright.  The one on the far left is MOH’s dress, and then the other three will be split up between the six bridesmaids.  Yay for getting things done!  Only 225 days left. 🙂

  1. I love the dresses! I’m assuming C will be your MOH, and when I looked at them before I finished reading, I was totally like “C should wear that one on the left.” Heh, great minds think alike, right?

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