Single, Zero

That my friends, is how I am defined in the tax world, “Single/0,” and that is why I looove tax season.  Sure, they take out more than they should all throughout the year, but that one time bonus check of refund money from the government is so much more glorious than whatever extra I’d get in my bi-weekly paycheck that it’s totally worth it.  Ooooh tax refund money, how you excite me!  First things first?  Paying off my credit card!  The rest?  Do you even have to ask?  Because the rest is pouring into a sweet little thing I like to call my –er– our wedding fund!

Next year will be a whole new ball game, though, because next year I’ll be married.  Say it with me now… maaaarriiieeeeedddd.  Crazyyy.  I’ll also become a resident of Texas, thanks to the great United States Air Force, and do you know what’s awesome about Texas?  No state income tax for military folk.  So I guess there are some perks to the fact that they can take my husband away from me for an extended period of time at the drop of a dime.

Speaking of all this good stuff, you know how that whole “married” thing is crazy to me, yeah, well the whole “military” thing is equally as crazy.  I’m going to be a military wife.  I’m going to move everything I own in the next two years and pick up and live somewhere I’ve never lived before and then I’m gonna do it again and again and again for many years after that.  Daunting?  Sure.  Exciting?  Heck yes!  I really can’t wait.  I mean, of course, I’m gonna be a little sobbing mess to leave my family for the first time, but I am truly looking forward to all that the world has in store for me. 🙂

Okay, I think that’s enough life ramblings for one little blog post.

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