Making home feel more homey

So yesterday the MP and I went to the DC Bridal Showcase at the DC Convention Center to see all things wedding related – talk about overload! But I got a lot of good ideas for honeymoons, so yay. 🙂 Anyway, afterward the MP spent the night at our place in DC and we just hung out, which was nice. Then this morning, we waited for the glass guy to deliver the glass tabletop for our dining table. See, the cats keep leaping from the couch to our dining table and using their claws to stop themselves from completely flying across the table, thus scratching our beautiful new Crate & Barrel dining table. So to avoid this scratching issue, we decided to get a glass tabletop. So the guy delivered the glass this morning, which means we don’t have to keep a bedspread covering the table anymore for protection – yay yay!  Check out the picture to see the gorgeousness. 🙂

After that was taken care of, the MP and I went out to run some errands, which of course brought us to the thrift store (Monday holidays means 50% off everything at the thrift store), where I found some awesome stuff! First I came across these two little votive candle holders that were originally from Crate & Barrel (they still had their stickers on them), which were a whopping 90 cents. Then I found this cool large glass jar (probably originally an ice bucket, but I thought it had personality) for five dollars. So from there we wandered to Pier 1 where I bought all the stuff to go with my new thrift store purchases (little votives, a big candle, little stones and faux fruit).

So now I have an awesome dining table with a beautiful bowl of fruit (which by the way my Grandfather made the bowl from a piece of Birch from a tree from the backyard of the house I grew up in – pretty awesome) and I have a little candle decoration in my kitchen.  Yay for getting to check things off my “to do” list while M. is away AND for making home feel more like home!

But now that I have tasted “homey-ness” I want more.  I’ve already been browsing for a buffet.  I love the matching one from Crate & Barrel to go with our dining table, but I think it’s too big for our space.  So I found a different one that would fit perfectly, just not match the dining table perfectly (coordinating furniture can be better than matchy-match furniture, though, right?).  Anyway, how bad is it to buy a piece of furniture while my future hubby is away?  Lol.  While the future hubby is away, the future wifey will shop, decorate, and generally make home, more homey, right???

  1. So much excitement! Eizzil and I were at the thrift store yesterday too… I wonder if our trips overlapped at all? I love the glass–it’s nice that you can get back to showing off your fancy table. And about the buffet. Every girl needs one, and future hubby picked out the table without you… right? So I figure it’s only fair for you to pick out the buffet without him! As long as they coordinate, is he really going to complain? I think not!

    • eizzil20
    • January 19th, 2011

    Looking good! Want to come decorate at my house now? I love the idea of a glass top for the table. Such a good idea. Now, do you have a solution to my kitties eating carpet? B/c that would be great.

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