Dear December, I heart you!

December is EASILY my favorite month of the year.  Not only was yours truly born in the great month of December, but so was my awesome fiancé AND Baby Jesus!  Making it one heck of a smashing good time the whole month through.  This year me and the fiancé were lucky enough to make it over to the great state of Nevada for a nice little Las Vegas trip during both of our birthdays.  All-in-all I’d say Vegas is fun, but I’m not racing to go back.  I won some money, I lost some money, I saw a few shows, I ate some pretty good food, I shopped, I drank, I partied, and I generally had a very fun (expensive) trip.

After our great Vegas trip, we ventured up to Connecticut for a little family gathering.  M.’s family is always entertaining.  Last year we had a Pictionary tournament.  This year we did a snowball relay, a balloon-smashing/bubble-gum-popping relay and then each group wrote our own versions of Christmas songs using two words/phrases that we pulled out of a hat (to base our lyrics on).  Our song was Deck the Halls and our items were “skim milk” and “toe cheese.”  Oh the joys of dairy.  From Connecticut we made our way down to New York to hang out with Papa K (M.’s Dad), and then quickly back down to DC for another week of work.

Now THIS weekend is going to be awesome.  Not only will we be observing M. and my birthdays tonight (we couldn’t celebrate with the fam on the actual days because we were in Vegas), but tomorrow morning will be our Christmas morning!  Bring it on fat man!  Sure, it’s a little weird that we celebrate Christmas morning a week early (and it’s amazing that Santa is in on the switch), but at least we all get to do it together, and that’s all that really matters (ahh, Christmas magic).

More things I love about this month?  We still have another trip to New York planned (which means hanging out with M.’s family and a mini trip to NYC – yippee!).  And today is my last day of work for the next ten days (hallelujah!)!!!!  And we’re ringing in the new year with some great friends!  Oh December, how sweet you are!

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