Helicopters, the Red-Headed Stepchildren of Aviation

It wasn’t until M. became a helicopter pilot that I realized helicopters get no love in this world.  Whether it’s a birthday card, a funny shirt, a charm, fun fabric, baby clothes, toys, etc., or even just the term “pilot” in general – when it comes to aviation, the assumption is fixed-wing.  Yes, I said “fixed-wing.”

Helicopters (or one might say the “Rotary” world), get no fun love.  An example of this… search for plane wallpaper and BAM! there are at least 25 choices for you.  Search for helicopter wallpaper and you get the “Transportation” design (helicopters mixed in with planes, trains and automobiles).  The helicopter-only selection is weak and extremely limited.

So where is my gripe coming from?  Christmas stockings.  I want to make a helicopter stocking for M. and it’s just darn near impossible to find the fabric!  I mean, how cute would a little Santa hanging out of a helicopter be??  Or even just cute helicopters on a nice red based fabric.  Sigh.  Le impossible.  I think I’m gonna need a Christmas miracle for this one to work out.

For now, the search continues, but if anyone has any insider-helicopter-fabric-information, do tell.  And remember, helicopters are aircrafts, too, so send a  little love their way whenever you have the chance.

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