The past three weeks in bullets

  • I had a rather successful yardsale which resulted in $140 and a pretty wicked sunburn (which two weeks later I am still peeling from).
  • I completed PMAN 637 (hallelujah!) and submitted my reimbursement paperwork (double hallelujah!), and I decided to not register for a Fall class.  I just don’t want to be miserable and quite frankly, Project Management school was making me miserable.  There are just so many other things I want to do out there that I’m gonna give some of those a try for a little while and see what happens.
  • I got sent on an impromptu work trip to New Orleans for three days (got to see Bourbon Street, ate some yummy seafood, rode the streetcar, and got my picture taken with a “Big Ass Beer To Go” sign, lol).
  • Went to a Nats game with M. and my big sis and big sis’s hubby.
  • M. and I made a grocery list together and planned meals out in advance for the week and went shopping together!  Now, while this may seem too trivial to you to make it in the bulleted list, I was SUPER excited!  We normally shop the night of, or go out, which is so much more expensive.  But this time we thought ahead and purchased ahead and it’s just great!
  • Last night I went to my first American Sign Language class at the D.C. library!  I learned all kinds of stuff like the alphabet, the days of the week, counting 1-20, and fun vocab like cat, dog, butterfly, bird, lion, tiger, love, time, please, sorry, me, my, you, your, plane, together, and tons of other stuff, lol.  I also learned “your love is all I need” because we listened to BoyzIIMen Here and Now which sings “your love is all I need” in the lyrics, lol.  Anyway, I really really enjoyed my class and I’m super glad I went.  It’s all part of my “doing things I enjoy, not things I feel forced to do” plan and so far, so good!
  1. Sign language… now that’s sorta out of the blue! Remember when we taught ourselves how to sign “you are stupid”?? Yeah, I still remember that one :-p

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