What a week…

Well between my car getting vandalized, my body malfunctioning, my mid-term being due this week, one of my best friend’s getting married AND moving to a new home this week… I am absolutely exhausted and am therefore going to blog in list format:

1.  The whole car thing – yeah, that sucked.  And spending $100 to fix it – yeah, that sucked even more.

2.  My body malfunctioning, kind of like a big catch-22 because it was a stress-induced issue that only caused more stress, which in turn caused more of an issue.  Neat.

3.  Mid-term.  I haven’t started.  It’s due tonight.  Ack!

4.  N. & M. got married yesterday!  Hooray!  The wedding was out on the water in Southern Maryland, so it was gorgeous, but HOT!  I couldn’t be happier for N., she totally deserves the great guy she found!  Congratulations to both of them. 🙂

5.  Hey!  I live in D.C. now!  How cool is that???  I’m like a bona fide city girl!  AND I live with a boy!  I feel so grown up! 🙂 Lol.  Today was the last day of moving all of my stuff from my apartment in Alexandria over to D.C., but we’re finally done!  Now the fun part is unpacking and finding a place to put all my stuff!  Lol.  It’s been going really well so far, but I’ve got a lot ahead of me… wish me luck!!!

So there you have it, that’s pretty much what’s been keeping me completely consumed for the last week.  So now I’m off to crank out one A+ mid-term and then I am going to CRASH, because man-oh-man am I tired!

  1. Hey lil sis! I miss you, and I guess I can see why I haven’t seen/heard from you this week. Let’s catch up soon… before I have to go back to school!

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