What did Riley ever do to you???

The biggest purchase I’ve made in my life thus far (not counting that little thing I like to call my college degree from the University of Maryland) is Riley, my 2006 Ford Escape.  Little Riley has been an awesome car for me and carried me to and fro everywhere I wanted to go for the last four years.  92,000 miles of to and fro, to be exact.  But for some reason, bad things are drawn toward Riley.  Whether it’s a hit-and-run side-swipe mid-driving, or someone plowing into the back of me – it seriously seems like she’s got a big target on her.  Well this one, this one tops the cake.  I walked out to my car this afternoon to discover some jerk had decided to throw a ROCK at her!  There was Riley with a broken windshield, and there was the golf-ball sized rock chilling on the ground next to her.  Ugh.  What is WITH people and why must they beat up MY Riley?  I mean, seriously, what did she ever do to you???

    • Em!ly
    • July 12th, 2010

    OMG! That’s awful!!!

  1. DAMN! That’s quite a dent in your windshield.

    I’m sorry Jo 😦

  2. Wow, people really, really suck.

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