Nine Days!

What’s happening in nine days, you ask?  Well in nine days I will be officially leaving my apartment with my awesome roommate to move into a new apartment with my awesome boyfriend (and our awesome kitties)!  The “official move-out date” was decided on Monday, giving me less than two weeks to pack up and move out!  Fortunately, I’d already been packing a lot and weeding out a lot of stuff, so the whole process hasn’t been too overwhelming.  I even already unpacked a few bags last night and everything is put away and you can’t even tell there’s extra stuff, so yay!

The only somewhat annoying part is getting rid of stuff that I don’t want.  Fortunately, my roommate is buying a lot of stuff from me (my desk, bookshelf, curtains, printer, and lamps), which is really awesome because it means I don’t have to move it.  But there’s other stuff I still need to get rid of (corkboard, queen size bedding set, full size bedding set, two computer towers and a biiiig pile of random nik-naks/ clothes/ sheets/ towels/ electronics/ shoes/ frames/ kitchen stuff/ bathroom stuff/ etc.).  I’m thinking maybe a yardsale??  Who’s with me???  Lol.

And on a completely random sidenote, here’s a really cute picture of two of my new roommates… ❤

  1. Well if you need a yard sale buddy… you know who to ask! PS: What cuties! Of course you’re excited to move in with them 🙂

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