15 minutes of fame, 5 seconds of fame – either way, I’ll take it

So did you watch Top Chef last night? Because if you did, you probably saw me and the MP grace the screen for a glorious five seconds. I was in blue and my Mom was in red and we were walking and my Mom said “It was spicy!” and Chef Tracy said something like “Well spicy is something!” [SPOILER ALERT] That was after my Mom had already predicted Chef Tracy’s farewell, and before Chef Tracy knew my Mother’s prediction was true. Wah wah waaaah.
Anyway, M. made the cut too, he didn’t say anything, but he’s a red striped polo standing at a table at one point. J. made the screen, too (she’s standing next to me when the MP says her one line). As for R., poor R., I did see her sitting on a blanket in the background at one point… at least, I think it was her. She wasn’t as fortunate as the rest of us.  

It was a ton of fun to go (we found out through R. who found out through old coworkers).  We were all supposed to be Capitol Hill Interns at a picnic at Mount Vernon – which was totally staged just for Top Chef and I’m gonna guess 50% of the people there were in fact not Capitol Hill Interns, but pssh!  What do I care?  I got to go and taste all the food and see Tom and Padma and Gail and that other guest judge I didn’t recognize!  

[IF YOU DON’T WANT TO READ ABOUT THE EPISODE, I PROBABLY WOULDN’T READ THIS PARAGRAPH]  Now, in terms of the food.  There were 15 chefs left at that point and it was 2.5 months ago, so you’ll have to bare with me and my memory, but one thing I definitely remember is that Chef Angelo’s wrap thing sucked – and he was in the top four!!?!  Shocking to me.  Also that annoying brunette chick with the ribs who was in the top four – I’ll give them the asparagus, the asparagus was good, but the ribs sucked and no one should be in the top based on asparagus!  And a lot of the steaks were amaaazing, but none of them made it to the top (I guess they were too plain?).  Also the seabass wrapped in bacon (sorry R.), totally deserved to be in the bottom.  The bacon was soggy and the seabass was meh.  Honestly, all-in-all, the food was a little bit of a let down.  I think our expectations were just so high, that it would’ve had to have been cooked by angels to really taste the way we wanted it to taste.  I’m sure in their own kitchens (with a little more planning and prepping time), the meals would’ve been better, but unfortunately, on Top Chef, you don’t get to cook in your own kitchen and you don’t get extra time, so I guess, you really just get what you get.  

Anyway, if you don’t believe I was there, here’s a little proof for ya!  And keep your eyes open for the episode at Nationals Stadium, because you might just see me there too!   



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