Vineyard Wedding

Paradocx Vineyard

This past Saturday M.’s best friend from high school got married. M. was a “Co-Vice Best Man” which basically meant (I think), the groom couldn’t decide, so he made his 5 year old nephew his “Best Man” and then his two friends were the “Co-Vice Best Men.” Lol. Whatever. M. was really happy to be there and support his friend and he gave a really nice speech during the reception (the Best Man said “Congratulations!” in a really cute 5 year old voice and passed the mic to M., lol), so the whole “title” didn’t matter.

The wedding was really pretty, it was at Paradocx Vineyard in Pennsylvania. They literally got married in the middle of the vineyard and then the reception was at the Vineyard factory (a neat old barn looking building). The bride walked down through the rows of grapes to enter the ceremony, which I thought was cool. My only one comment: the 90+ degree weather we had on Saturday combined with standing in the middle of a field for the ceremony and then a reception that was held outdoors with no air conditioning was just flat out rough. But it was their day, so again, whatever! I just kept drinking wine (and lots of water) and champagne (and more water) and had a grand old time!

And speaking of wine – I found a red wine I actually LOVED during the wine tasting at the reception. Now if you know my wine tasting preferences, you know that red wine is not something I ever drink, but this red wine was different. It was light and airy and crisp and just amazing! So I ended up drinking it most of the night and then buying a bottle to take home, lol. It was Paradocx’s Sangiovese and it was so wonderfully delicious I seriously never wanted to put my glass down. The only bad thing is that now that I’ve found this delicious wine and I own a bottle of it, I don’t want to drink it because what if I can never find it again??? It’s really such a paradox. Oh ooooh! I’m so punny.

Alright, enough about all that jazz… here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure…

The Groom with his Best Man and two Co-Vice Best Men

The Bride walking down the "aisle"

M. and Me 🙂

The newlyweds after the ceremony... awwww 🙂

    • eizzil20
    • June 29th, 2010

    I usually like Sangiovese too, I also enjoy Pino Noir, they are both less ‘full bodied’ or whatever I don’t like about other red wines.

  1. Looked like a gorgeous day! How beautiful — getting married in a vineyard. Love it!

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