Brookie Fail.

On Monday I discovered these little babies on Bakerella; she called them “brookies” or the more commonly known name, “Congo Bars.”  And let me just say, from the first moment I laid my eyes on those things, I was hooked.  They were all I could think about… all I could talk about.  I dreamt of them and their deliciousness.  I had to make them.

I already had plans with girlfriends for dinner Wednesday night, so genius me, I just decided to incorporate some baking as well.  I went shopping and bought the necessary ingredients, that I didn’t already have stocked in my cabinet (aka light brown sugar and chocolate and peanut butter chips), I printed the recipe, and I was on my way!

Everything started out fine and dandy.  Mix the flour with the salt and the baking powder – check, check, check.  Mix the softened butter with the light brown sugar –  mini arm workout – check.  Throw in some eggs – check.  Throw in the good stuff (for my brookies, I added chocolate and peanut butter chips) – check and check.  And then mix it all together!  That doesn’t sound hard at all, right?  Like, seriously, how could you mess that up?  Well, folks, I’m here to tell you, I somehow messed it up.

I’m not sure if it was my fault necessarily.  It very well could’ve been some secret tip that I’m just unaware of.  Like maybe I mixed the batter for too long?  Or maybe it’s because we didn’t sift the flour (it said it was pre-sifted!).  Maybe I added too many peanut butter chips?  Who knows what went wrong – I’m no baking investigator and I really don’t ever plan on determining what really went wrong, I just know, something went wrong.  The batter was dry.  It wasn’t crumbly, but it was about 2 steps away from crumbly.  Bakerella showed a picture of her batter and it was smooth and creamy.  My batter was dry and chunky.  But at the point, when I determined this batter issue, I didn’t know how to fix it, so I just threw it in the pan, and into the 350 degree oven it went.

Thirty minutes later, it was gooey on the inside.  Five minutes after that (and a piece of foil over the top – a la Bakerella’s guidance) it was still sticking to the toothpick.  Another two minutes and we gave up and pulled it out of the oven in the hopes it would finish cooking as it cooled.  The brookies sat for probably another thirty minutes before we decided to slice into them and give our tastebuds a chance to judge.  With my fingers crossed, I hoped maaaybe that chunky batter didn’t really matter and just maaaybe they turned out as wonderful as I had hoped.

I’m here to tell you, all my fears came true.  They were okay.  Just okay.  Not inedible, but definitely not amazing.  Something was off with the consistency, like they were gummy, but then other times it was as if they were too dry.  Like I said, I’m no investigator, so we all may never know, but here are my brookies (I apologize for the image quality – I had to take this with my cell phone because I forgot my camera during the actual baking, more failure, I know)…

and here are Bakerella’s…

Mine were all chunky, and her’s are all smooth and delicious looking, therefore, I declared the whole thing a brookie fail.

This morning, I did, however share some brookies with my coworkers, who all claim they’re good.  So either I’m being too hard on myself, or they’re lying.  Who really knows.  At least I tried?  Maybe one day I’ll attempt brookies again, but in the meantime, I’m just gonna dream of Bakerella’s and buy my own from the store.

  1. Mmmm… brookies! They sell these at Sam’s club and it’s always ALL I CAN DO to resist buying them. I’m so sorry you had a Bakerella fail!

  2. Coworkers will do anything for free food — and tell you anything you want to hear to keep it coming! Haha, just kidding. (Well, sort of… it’s true in my office, at least.)

    Sorry these didn’t turn out as you’d hoped! I have to admit, though, they still look pretty good. I’ve screwed up enough recipes in my day to know it can happen to anyone. Next time will be better! 🙂

  3. I miss you!

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