The Big Move

Well, it’s official… M. and I have decided to live together!  Yippeeee!!!!!  We haven’t picked a date yet because when I move is dependent on when my current roommate finds a new roommate.  The latest it will be is the end of August, but if my roommate in Alexandria finds a new roommate sooner than that, then I’m outtie!  But to be honest, right now, I’m really okay with the extra time because it’s letting me leisurely pack and move into his place one box at a time, which is a little easier to manage than a mass exodus of my boxes.

I’m sooo ready and excited to live with M. (and have all of my stuff in one place)!  This August will be 4.5 years for us… so it just feels really right to be moving in together.  That being said, I am still a little nervous about moving.  It’s not so much the living-with-a-boy part, because I already practically do live with him (and I’m the one that leaves the lid up in the relationship… and then the cats fall in) and plus, he’s my boy, so I feel like living with him is the easy part.  The part that makes me nervous is how the heck I’m going to squish all of my stuff into his place!  We’re talking less than 700 square feet.  Yes, that’s right, less than 700 square feet of living space.  For those of you square-footage-challenged out there, let’s just say it’s tiny – no, wait, “tiny” is the wrong word.  It’s cozy. 🙂 I mean, I’ll admit it, when I first saw it, I immediately thought, “No way.  There’s nooo way I can live here.”  But in just the seven months he’s lived there, it’s already become home to me and all the things that I thought would bother me, don’t.  I think I was just so used to my parent’s house, that the thought of living in something with only one bathroom (gasp!) kind of scared the crap out of me (which isn’t good when you only have one bathroom).  But getting to come home to a place that is “ours” makes all that other stuff really just not matter.

I’ve already started seriously downsizing, and I’m taking a truckload back to my parent’s house for storage.  It’s not like we’ll always live in a one bedroom condo, so I don’t have to get rid of everything… I just have to store a lot of it for the next three years, lol.  And it’s kind of fun to get rid of stuff I don’t need; it’s like a mix of feng shui-ing, organizing, making money, cleansing and minimizing and it feels great!  I seriously already want to post things on craigslist to sell, but I think I’ll be sad if I jump the gun and am left with an empty room for the next six weeks, lol.  So for now I’m just packing up the stuff that goes to my parent’s house and making a really big “get rid of” pile to be either donated or sold in the very near future.

So yay for getting to live with my love and yay for getting an excuse to organize life, y’all know how much I love that!

  1. Yay for you guys!… but I already got to say that 🙂

    Also: I seriously cracked up at your ‘crap’ joke (crass as it was) and am so glad you didn’t miss the opportunity to stick that one in! Good job lil sista!

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