A lotta beer, not a lotta Bourbon and some deeelicious barbeque!

On Saturday, M. and I attended the Beer, Bourbon & Barbeque Festival at the National Harbor in Maryland and had a blast!  It was basically a day of wandering around drinking different types of beer and enjoying barbeque (and some free bacon samplings).  We didn’t really participate in the Bourbon tastings – something about mixing beer, Bourbon and heat, just sounded like a bad combination – but we tried our fair share of beer.  I was really impressed with their selection, too.  The last beer tasting I went to was all micro-brews, so it required a much more refined beer palate, but this had a much larger selection of tastings from both smaller breweries and larger breweries. 

Estrella Damm Inedit

 My favorite beer booth of the day was Estrella Damm, which was serving Inedit (a yummy Beglian Witbier).  I visited the Estrella Damm booth so often, the beer girl knew my name and had the Inedit bottle ready for me before I could say a word.  Now what will be interesting is when I find out how much it costs when you have to buy your own bottle of it, lol. 

Other delicious-ness included:  Strongbow, of course, (even though I was a little disappointed it wasn’t on tap, but it tastes yummy out of the can, too), and Buffalo Bills Orange Blossom Cream Ale, which sounds weird, but was actually reeeally good. 

The other fun part of the day was that M. made us pretzel necklaces to snack on in between beers (supposedly they cleanse the palate between beer tastings, but I was just happy to have something in my stomach in between all the beer drinking, lol).  It was hilarious how many people came up to us complimenting our necklaces, or asking where we got them, heck, one guy even offered to give M. $10 for his – and it was half eaten at that point!  Lol.  Turns out all you need to do to make a little money at a beer tasting is put some pretzels on a string and sell those babies! 

Anyway, so in addition to all the beer sampling and pretzel nibbling, we also ate some really yummy pulled pork, sampled bacon (beef bacon and maple-infused bacon were both interesting), played corn hole (which I actually didn’t suck at!), learned a little bit about Bourbon, got a Huey fly-by from J. and purchased a barrel for M. to age his homebrew in.  All-in-all a success! 

Me and M.

  1. Mmm! Sounds like so much fun! I bet B would have loved it, too! PS: Those pretzel necklaces are soo classy 😉 I remember we were wishing we had them at the last beer tasting!

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