History in the Making

This past Tuesday M. and I decided at the last minute to get tickets to see Stephen Strasburg’s Major League Baseball debut and let me just say, it was totally worth it.  The game was AWESOME.  Seriously.

I’m not usually “into” baseball.  I enjoy going with friends and making a social event out of it, but I don’t usually care about the outcome of the game.  This game, however, this game was different.  I was totally interested in watching and I cared about the outcome.  The crowd was totally into it, too, which was a new feeling at the Nats stadium.  The whole thing was just contagious and you couldn’t help but be in that stadium and be excited.  Everyone was rooting for Strasburg together, as proud fans.  We all watched each pitch with bated breath to see if this kid was really all he was hyped up to be.  Well, let me just tell you, he was.  The kid did not let us down.  Fourteen strike outs!  FOURTEEN.  He literally made history with the game he pitched – the first pitcher to have 14 strike outs with no walks on his debut in MLB history.  It was just a great game to be at… we literally witnessed history in the making.

Yay for the Nationals, yay for Nationals fans, and yay for Strasburg – I won’t lie, I was nervous for him, but he pulled through, and that is just awesome.

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