Just a few reasons why I’m counting down to Friday…

In less than three days, I will be on my way to Ocean City, Maryland for an all girls beach weekend extravaganza!  So I thought I’d dedicate this blog to all the reasons I love Ocean City…
1.  The Boardwalk… a place of joy and pure content… full of ridiculous people to make fun of, henna tattoo places, a Candy Kitchen (see #6) on every block, delicious food that is awful for you, that over priced kite place, the amusement rides at the end, Kohr Bros frozen custard and so much more!

The Boardwalk!


 2.  The beach… okay, I know it’s not the best beach ever – it’s not even my favorite beach, but it’s a beach and I am looking forward to lying on it!  

The beach


3.  Miniature Golf!  Who doesn’t love a good game of mini golf with the windmill at the end that without fail always blocks your ball from entering the clown’s mouth.  Or there’s the dinosaur one.  Or the pirate one.  Or the Medieval one.  Or the caveman one.  Or the Antartica one.  Oooh the options are endless when it comes to mini golf!  

Miniature Golf! You're never too old!


 4.  Fried Oreos.  Ahh, beautiful little chocolate cookie sandwiches dipped in batter and fried to perfection.  Easily the most amazing treat you can find in Ocean City.  

Fried Oreo Deliciousness


 5.  The Ocean Gallery.  A staple of Ocean City, Maryland.  An amazing world of art that only gets more ridiculous year after year.  How that place crams in all that art, I’ll never know, and how it passes fire regulations – again, I’ll never know, but who cares!  It’s fun!  Every time I go to Ocean City I insist upon wandering through the Ocean Gallery and digging through all the posters and paintings and pieces of artwork.  Sure, I’ve already seen 90% from the last time I wandered through, but it’s still just something I have to do.  No trip to Maryland’s OC is truly complete without a visit to the Ocean Gallery.  

The Ocean Gallery


 6.  Candy Kitchen.  Now five or so years ago, Candy Kitchen was easily one of my top two favorite parts of Ocean City, however, as of late, I am sad to report Candy Kitchen no longer sells all red Sour Patch Kids.  That’s right.  They only sell the boring assorted Sour Patch Kids – the ones you can find pretty much anywhere in the world.  Such news drops my level of excitement about good ole CK from a 10++ to probably a 6.  Still a good time, but not nearly as amazingly wonderful to me anymore.  

Candy Kitchen... a dime a dozen... to say the least.


 7.  Picture Ops!  It’ll be my first venture to the great land of Ocean City with my DSLR, so to say I am excited would be an understatement!  Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!  Walks down the beach at dusk with just me, my camera and my tripod?  Oh yes, I think so!  

Someone else's pretty picture of Ocean City, MD.


Only three more days!!!!!!

  1. Ah, you’re going to have so much fun! Hope you have an awesome and can’t wait to check out your photos. 🙂 Have you played with HDR photography at all yet? I bet your awesome camera has the capabilities. My mom and Spencer are both getting into it (slowly)… we all have to take a photo field trip soon! 🙂

  2. I had so much fun! Thanks a bajillion for planning an awesome girls’ weekend. I would say it was a complete SUCCESS! 🙂

    • eizzil20
    • May 25th, 2010

    I think we got everything in except mini golf. But we added shopping!

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