Three things I already knew I didn’t like, but was reminded of this morning

1.  Extremely strong smelling perfume spewing off the person sitting one seat away from me on the metro.  There should be a separate train solely for people who want to douse themselves in perfume moments before entering the train.  Let them all give each other headaches.

2.  People who listen to their music so loud on the train that I can hear it clear as a bell THROUGH their headphones.  Every beat, every lyric, every SOUND.  Seriously, that bothers me, so I don’t know how the hell those people can stand to have that sound vibrating through their brain.

3.  Warm milk.  Yes, that’s right.  I don’t like warm milk.  I bring my own cereal to work, but not my milk, so every morning I run down to the cafeteria and buy a little carton of milk (it’s very grade-school-esque).  But this morning, the little machine of milk cartons was warm!  Of course, I still had to buy a carton (a girl has gotta eat and I think dry Wheat Chex would be worse than warm milk Wheat Chex), so I had my Wheat Chex with warm milk this morning.  Sad.

  1. If by “sad” you mean, gross… then I agree. Warm milk is nasty! PS: I LOVE the new look 🙂

    • eizzil20
    • May 17th, 2010

    ugh, I know what you mean about the perfume and music. How do those people still have normal hearing….I have had times on the train when someone’s music near me was louder than I would have liked it if it were coming through my own earphones… if that makes sense. why can’t they make earphones that do not project sound farther than like 2 inches from themselves, no matter how loud it is.

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