Maybe May?

After my April Goals update on the 21st, I’m sad to say, there really isn’t much to update you on.  Basically April kicked my butt, and unfortunately, I fear May may have a similar agenda for me.  There’s just so much I need to do (and want to do) and I feel like time is just constantly slipping away…

But in an attempt to stay optimistic, I’m still going to set out goals for myself for the month of May and cross my fingers I have a better success rate this time around!  Aaand, I apologize if this has recently become a boring blog, lol, I’ll try to spice it up in the near future…

Things I already know I’m going to do in May:

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with friends; Help E. move into her new apartment; Go on a photo outing with my big sister; Attend the Congress of Jugglers at my alma mater; Go to Philly for a graduation; Go to dinner with MF for her birthday; Go to dinner with write meg! to hear all about her new man; Go to the air show at Andrews AFB; Get my hair cut and colored; Go on a weekend beach vacation with the girls.

Other things I want to do in May:

1.  Study for the CAPM every week.

2.  Meet my fundraising goal of $250 for the Race for the Cure.

3.  Go on at least 2 photo outings.

4.  Take Riley to get her 90,000 mile check-up.

5.  Make an appointment with my new dentist.

6.  Do some prep work for my summer course (PMAN 637 – Project Risk Management).

7.  Dress shopping for J&T’s June wedding.

8.  Keep reading that same darn book (I will finish it eventually!).

9.  Go to HH at Cantina Marina at least once.

10.  Cook a new recipe!

Chin up!  It’s a whole new month!

  1. It IS a whole new month, and it sounds like most of your “to-do” list is a lot more fun this month than in previous months. PS: I LOVE the new look… it’s so fresh and green 😀

  2. Woo — you can do it! Really looking forward to seeing you next week — YAY!

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