Poor little Rotor… Poor little Erin

So Rotor had his first real vet visit today all by himself.  I say that because we took Rotor and Natty to the vet right after adopting them, but that doesn’t count because it was mandatory.  This visit was because poor little Rotor’s nose was starting to scab over, and he has a baby tooth that won’t come out and has to be retracted. 😦 So M. took him to the vet this morning and left him and I have to go pick him up tonight.  Our poor little baby… 😦 And the vet evidently isn’t sure what’s wrong with his nose, but they gave him a shot of antibiotics, so hopefully that will help. 

And to top it all off, this morning, I was awoken (in between my snoozes) to Rotor running across my face.  Literally.  I have the scratch marks on my forehead to prove it.  Maybe it was God’s way of telling me to stop hitting snooze?  Maybe Rotor somehow knew he was going to the vet today and it was his way of paying me back?  I’m not really sure what the deeper meaning of the forehead incident was this morning…I just know it hurt…a lot…and now I have cat claw marks on my forehead. 

He's so cute and cuddly sometimes...other times he's a CRAZY CAT running across your forehead.

    • eizzil20
    • April 9th, 2010

    Rotor sounds a lot like Meatball. Cutest cuddliest cat EVER, then right when you are trying to sleep, most annoying cat ever. Just can’t stay mad at something that cuddles so good though! Meatball stretched a paw out one morning and clawed me in the eye, not cool. I feel your pain. Hope you don’t look like you got in a fight 🙂

  1. If only they REALLY knew! I had to ROFL when I opened this post and saw the picture you included. If only had known… BAAhahaha 😉 Get better!

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