And I’d make millions!!!!!

Since moving to Alexandria, I haven’t found many things that my hometown of Hughesville has nearby that my new location doesn’t have.  There’s the obvious no Walmart in DC, but I get by with Target juuuust fine.  It’s really the special things I miss – two in particular – Ledo’s and Rita’s.  I seriously feel like the people of Alexandria have no idea what they’re missing with the deliciousness of both Ledo’s Pizza and Rita’s Italian Ice.  I feel like if I could just scrape together enough money to buy my own Rita’s franchise and stick it right smack dab in the middle of Old Town Alexandria, I swear I’d make millions! 

That could be me with the big Italian Ice mascot guy, at the grand opening of my Rita's in Alexandria

P.S.  I’d also be happier if there was a Mellow Mushroom somewhere closer than Charlottesville, Virginia.  It’s not like I ever had one near me in Hughesville, it’s just so gosh darn tasty and I miss it!

  1. I wish you had used photoshop or something to actually stick your head in the crowd. That would’ve been hilaaaaaaarious!

    PS: My town has BOTH. You should come viiiisit. I’m ALWAYS up for it 🙂

  2. Um, I’d be ALL OVER the Rita’s franchise with you! We’d make a killing, just like all those suckers who open up Chick-Fil-As around the region. You know those guys are raking in the dough. There’s a new one opening up near Brandywine soon… I’ll be all over that mess!

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