March Goals Results

1.  Do my taxes.  Done and done.

2.  Create a vacation savings account.  Vegas here we come!

3.  Use my tax refund to pay off credit cards and put money into savings.  Credit cards all paid off (for the first time since Christmas – yay!) and the rest went into savings.

4.  Print 5×5 pictures for frame.  I ordered the pictures this weekend and they should be here by Thursday or Friday.

5.  Get rid of “get rid of” boxes.

6.  Bring lunch at least 3 times a week.  😦 Negative.

7.  Apply to take the CAPM.

8.  Blog at least 3 times a week.  Success!

9.  Participate in at least one March Madness bracket.  I did at least 10… lol.

10.  Get a hair cut.

11.  Fix Microsoft Money.  😦 Stupid program.

12.  Learn to make one new meal.  I made a green Bundt cake for the first time ever, I baked Irish Brown Bread for the first time ever AND I made my very first chicken pot pie from scratch!

13.  Frame helicopter picture.

14.  Get car washed.  It’s dirty again already… so sad.

15.  Start to read a new book.  I finished an old one AND started a new one.  Go me!

12 out of 15 ain’t bad!

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