You know that’s Marine 1, right?

So while E. and I were out today taking pictures of the cherry blossoms and walking around to the Jefferson Memorial, M. happened to fly by.  So after he flew by E. and I were talking about helicopters and this dude comes up to us and the following conversation occurs:

Dude:  Hey, so you know that was Marine 1 that just flew by.
Me:  Umm… no, that was an Air Force helicopter, not a Marine helicopter.
Dude:  Yeah, but they call them Marine 1 and they always have a Marine escort on them.
[This is when I’m shaking my head because this dude has no idea what he’s talking about and E bursts in…]
E:  Her boyfriend was flying that helicopter.
Dude:  Oh.. uhh… 
[And this is when the guy slowly walked away.]

E. and I were in hysterics afterward.  Poor guy was just trying to show off and strike up a conversation with two pretty ladies about the helicopter that flew by, little did he know he picked the helicopter pilot’s girlfriend to start his conversation with, lol.

  1. Ha! Love it. That guy was probably shaking his head in shock and embarrassment for the rest of the day.

  2. Cool picture! I love that that guy was trying to show off and impress you with his (lack of) knowledge. Too bad that he chose you to talk to, of all the people mobbing the cherry blossoms! I mean, you figure it must’ve taken him some nerve to approach you and E just let him have it! Poor guy…. hehe 🙂

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