Written or not, there are rules and we should all follow them.

Since starting my new job in January, I have become a metro-commuter.  Every morning, I walk out of my building, down the four blocks to my station, where I patiently wait for the Yellow Line to come and sweep me away to L’Enfant Plaza.  As a metro-commuter you know there are certain rules to follow when riding the metro, like you ride down the escalator on the right side and walk down the escalator on the left, or you move all the way into the train to allow the most people possible to get on, or you step to the side to allow passengers to get off prior to you getting onto the train – they aren’t hard rules.  Heck, they’ve even penned names for such rules and have advertisements dedicated to these rules (i.e., escalump).

Now the key word to focus on in all of this is COMMUTER.  Those of us lucky enough to get to ride the metro day in and day out just to make a living.  The commuters are the ones who live and die by the rules of the metro, but what about those other riders?  The ones who for some god-unknown-reason decide to just go for a ride at 730am.  The ones who just stroooooll through the station (and somehow manage to find their own kind also strolling through the station and with their powers combined, create a blockade).  Where is the rule for the strollers of the world?  I want to see the advertisemet that says “blockers (block-ers) n. person who walks too slowly through the station and creates a blockade in doing so.”

It’s just like the slow lane and the fast lane on the Beltway.  If you wanna do the speed limit, fine, just get out of my way!  If you want to take your good old time walking from Point A to Point B in the station, fine, just get out of my way!  Maybe there should be a “fast lane” in the station.  A taped off walkway which is the shortest distance from the train to the escalator or the train to the exit.  That way, if you’re commuting and just want to get to work (or better yet, get home from work), step up into the fast lane and zip right along, but if you’re out for a joy walk, that’s fine, you just have to walk outside the line.  I really feel like it would make everyone happier.  The fast walkers would get what the want, and the joy walkers wouldn’t feel like there’s an 18-wheeler bearing down on them with their turn signal on just waiting for that moment when they can zip around them and speed along to that Point B everyone is headed for.  I feel like I’m on to something here… maybe I should pass along my idea to WMATA?

    • eizzil20
    • March 16th, 2010

    Go for it! I’ve been known to ‘accidentally’ throw my bag into some a-hole who doesn’t find it necessary to move out of the actual doorway when I am trying to get on or off the train. I mean come on, we all know you are so important that you are eventually getting off the train and can’t be bothered to move into the car or at least step off the train long enough to let everyone else move around you, but I still find it necessary to have my bag do a little of the talking.

    This is also why on a nice day I’ll walk to Union Station or take the bus. The people on the bus, while sometimes smellier, are actually nicer than metro riders.

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