Mid-March Monday Update

#1 – Daylight Savings has arrived!  Hooraaaaaay for longer, sunnier days!!!!!

#2 – The month is half way over, so I figure I’ll give a little update of my goals:

1.  Do my taxes.
As of this weekend, my taxes are done and done!

2.  Create vacation savings account. 
Taken care of – now to fill it up!

3.  Taxes refund toward my credit card and my vacation savings.
Haven’t gotten the refund yet, but this one is as good as done once the money gets here.

4.  Print 5×5 pictures.
Ahh!  Haven’t even thought about this one yet.

5.  Get rid of my “get rid of” boxes.
Saw my parents this weekend and sent them away with my “get rid of” boxes to go towards the spring yard sale.  Yay!

6.  Bring lunch at least 3 times a week.
Okay, so this one, I sort of suck at.  The first week of March I only worked 4 days, and I brought lunch two of them.  The second week of March, I went out to lunch 5 days.  Yikes!  It’s time to step up my eating in game.

7.  Apply to take CAPM.
Not yet, but veeery soon.

8.  Blog at least 3 times a week.
So far, so good!

9.  March Madness Bracket.
It’s not out yet, but the minute it is, I am so ALL over it.  C’moooon #4 seed Terps!

10.  Get my hair cut.
My appointment is made for this Wednesday.

11.  Get Microsoft Money to work.
The bane of my existence.  What is a “bane” anyway?

12.  Learn to make one new meal.
So, it won’t necessarily be a “meal” but to celebrate St. Patty’s Day, K and I are cooking an Irish meal together and I’m in charge of baking a loaf of Irish Brown Bread and making a green cake!  Both things I’ve never made before, so I totally think that counts.

13.  Frame helicopter picture.
Ek!  Totally behind on this one!

14.  Get car washed.
Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday.

15.  Start to read a new book.
So I haven’t started to read a new book, HOWEVER, I did finish the last half of a book that I started almost a year ago, so I’m giving myself a big pat on the back for that one.  While it may not be an accomplishment for all of my “love-to-read-and-do-it-all-the-time” friends out there, it was a super accomplishment for me!  And NOW, I’m going to start reading a new book, too.  So that’s like a double whammy for this little goal!

I still have lots to do, but fortunately, I have two more easy-going weekends coming up this month!  Is it sad that I’m excited my weekends aren’t jam-packed?  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy an activity, or two over a weekend, but when I start doing two and three things a day on my weekends, they seem to disappear into thin air and before I know it, I’m back at work and my list of goals is left cold and lonely in the corner.

So yay for longer, sunnier (hopefully warmer) days and yay for weekends to get stuff done!!! 🙂

  1. Well I’m glad you’re excited about the time change. I always HATE it because it means I have to walk from my kitchen to my front door (on my way out) in complete darkness! Before the time-change, I was able to do that by the light of dawn. Seriously, it is SO much nicer to leave for work after the sun has peaked over the horizon… before is just depressing.

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