March Goals

Do you ever just feel like there’s so much you wish you did, but you never really get off your butt and do it?  It doesn’t have to be crazy outlandish things like skydiving (although, sometimes I wonder what that sensation must feel like), no, I’m talking more like – I wish I printed more of my pictures.  Or I wish I planned a vacation for me.  Or even the general things everyone wishes for – I wish I saved more money, I wish I worked out more often, I wish I ate healthier…  why is it so gosh darn hard to follow through?  It should be simple – I want to do XYZ, I control my life, therefore I will do XYZ.  I guess it’s that whole factor of “I control my life” that sometimes throws me for a loop.  I mean, as much as I do control my life, my job really controls about 42.4% of my life (I did the math), which just flat-out sucks.  I mean, maybe if I liked my job it wouldn’t be so bad, but I have no one to blame there but myself.  But I digress.  The point of this is I have things I want to do – real things.  So I want to set goals for myself and better yet, I want to stick to those goals!  I have learned through the years, it’s best I set reasonable goals – because the big scary ones like “Lose 10 pounds” – yeah, those never seem to pan out, so I just get frustrated and give up.  However, a goal like “Start doing yoga twice a week” is a little more feasible in my mind, so it (sometimes) sticks around longer.  Okay, so here are my goals for the month of March and maybe if I’m really good, I’ll even have a follow-up blog at the end of the month:

  1. Do my taxes.
  2. Create a “Vacation” savings account.
  3. Take my taxes refund $$ and pay off my two credit cards and put the rest toward my “Vacation” fund.
  4. Print pictures to put in the frame that MJF gave me for my birthday (yeah, like 3 months ago).
  5. Get rid of the boxes that I filled up with things I don’t want anymore when I moved (they are currently in the bottom of my closet).
  6. Bring my lunch from home 3 times a week.
  7. Apply to take the CAPM (and possibly take it depending on how the application process goes).
  8. Blog at least three times a week.
  9. Participate in a March Madness bracket.
  10. Get my hair cut.
  11. Figure out what’s wrong with my Microsoft Money (ever since I bought a new laptop my Microsoft Money hasn’t really been working).
  12. Learn to make one new meal.
  13. Frame my helicopter picture of M from Christmas Eve.
  14. Get my car washed.
  15. Start to read a new book.

Alright folks, keep your fingers crossed for me!

  1. Ooh! We must be related… only I didn’t publicly post my “to-do” list. It’s on a piece of paper on my kitchen table. Somewhat related to this, I’ve heard about a “100 things I’ve always wanted to do” list. But I can’t remember if it’s for just one year or the next 5 or what. I’ll investigate. That might be something fun to create together 🙂 Good luck with your check-list!

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