It’s a Family Affair

As of this weekend, my Mother and Father have officially entered into the world of not only Facebook, but blogging as well!  Thanks to my big sister, who hung out with them this weekend and got them all set up, they are now out there… in the cyber world… all on their own… writing on people’s walls… posting pictures… changing their statuses… reading my statuses… blogging… they just grow up so fast. <sniff sniff> 

The B's back in the 80's. We're such a good looking bunch. 🙂


So you can now be friends with the whole B clan (and quite a few cousins, aunts and uncles, as well), which is excellent!  As for blogging, however, the B family is only 80% of the way there – and knowing my big brother, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna stay that way.  He’s not really the blogging type.  But anyway, if you’re feeling like a family affair, feel free to check us all out via Facebook, or for a more intimate stalking, read our blogs! 

    • Meg
    • February 22nd, 2010

    Oh, I’m all over this!

  1. Although Pops has his own blog, the trick is going to be getting him to actually USE it! I think he’s taken to FB more (in the same way that the MP liked the blog better). Loved your post!

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