DC in the Snow…

Standing in the middle of Pennsylvania Ave at 10pm on Friday night.

The US Capitol on Sunday morning.

The Washington Monument on Sunday morning.

Tree in Washington DC.

M and me all bundled up while wandering around DC on Sunday morning.

  1. Great snow pics! And, in response to your comment on AFitz’s blog, I totally know what you mean about feeling like you are missing an opportunity to take pictures. I often feel like I should be taking pictures of some event, b/c I know I’ll be really happy to have the event saved in photographs later, but some times I feel like it’s ‘work’ or I don’t want to be that girl w/ the camera all the time. I have to force myself to get over that sometimes b/c I know after I’ve taken the pictures, I’m always happy to have them. That being said, I haven’t ventured beyond 50 yards of the house to photograph the snow…but my neighborhood isn’t as interesting as the capital. Hope you are surviving another day snowbound.

    • Meg
    • February 11th, 2010

    Fantastic shots! Looks like you guys had fun, though I know it’s getting to be way too much time off now for it to still be enjoyable, haha. I’ve worked every day this week but Wednesday; we actually moved up deadlines yesterday so we could get out of the office. I took a ton of photos, too, though my desire to photograph anything from the Tuesday night storm was -568368%. Snow? So over it!

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