Back to school, back to school…

Okay, so this time around I’m going to attempt coherency – we’ll see how that works out.

First things first.  I started my new contract last week and things are going well so far.  I’m still trying to figure out the whos and whats and whens and whatnots – but I think that’s normal at this point.

Next, my first semester of graduate school officially started this past Thursday.  I am taking two classes this semester, the first is a 0 credit, 4.5 week, online course (yes, I said ZERO credits) that is mandatory for all graduate students in their first six credits.  It is called “Intro to Graduate Research Study” and so far I’ve had to read about accurately citing materials, searching for research questions online and the penalties of plagiarism.  Pretty much as long as I participate, I pass, so all-in-all, not really a big deal.  My other course is a full out grad class called “The Fundamentals of Project Management” that is once a week on-site at good old UMD.  This week is my first class and I’m sort of stressed (and by sort of, I mean I absolutely am).  It seems like a lot of work and a lot more independent work than what I remember from my undergrad.  But enough about that, it’s really not exciting at all.

And finally, there is the CAPM, which is basically the baby version of the PMP (Project Management Professional), that I am preparing to take an exam for.  You have to have X amount of experience and then take a 150 question exam and pass with a 75% or better and then you receive your official CAPM certification.  So in a little less than two weeks I will take the prep course, and shortly after that I will take the exam, and wow…this (again) is boring for me to even talk about, so I’m just gonna stop there.

I feel kind of strange about everything I’m focusing my life on right now.  Like, I’m okay with the CAPM thing, because I really think that’s worthwhile, but this whole graduate school thing is just not really sitting well with me right now.  I feel very forced into doing it and not motivated at all.  I know it’s good for my career, I just…I guess that’s just it, I feel forced. 😦 Sigh.  It’s not really worth publicly dwelling on much beyond that.

In other news, this weekend was pretty uneventful.  It snowed, I studied, and I finally bought myself more groceries (I hadn’t really been in about two months).  Other than that?  I recently discovered the joy that is vanilla yogurt and that makes me happy, it’s like a healthy dessert. 🙂

Other things that make me happy?  M.  He makes me insanely happy.  Like, I’m happy when he’s around, thinking about him when he’s not, missing him when I know I won’t get to see him for a night, and just – happy to have him.  Things are just going really well with us right now and I feel super thankful for that.  He’s so great when it comes to all this stuff that stresses me out, too, he just knows me and he knows how to support me and how to calm me down and how to motivate me; and he lets me know he believes in me and that he’s always proud of me, which is something I absolutely love him for.  He just makes me smile – a lot.

  1. I don’t like all this grad school business… it makes you less available and I miss you!

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