I need a vacation. Period.

The last time I went on a real vacation – like a vacation that wasn’t for work, wasn’t for the holidays to visit family, wasn’t to go see my long distance beau, wasn’t squeezed into a weekend, wasn’t so jam-packed with activities that I couldn’t even relax, wasn’t planned with the sole purpose of overcoming sadness – just a vacation that was completely intended for happiness, relaxation and a complete lack of responsibility waaaaaas… Summer 2007?  My family and I ventured out to the great world of Ocean City, Maryland where we stayed in an ocean front townhouse for a week.  It was a great time – lots of lazin’ about, card games, the boardwalk, fried oreos, drinking at all hours, and just not worrying about a darn thing!  I need that.  I need that so badly it’s not even funny.  I mean, that was 2.5 years ago… TWO AND A HALF YEARS.  Toooo long ago.

I did make my fair share of trips in 2009 – venturing to Albuquerque, NM for the first time ever and going back thereafter multiple times (all to see M), making it down to Jacksonville, FL (for work), going to Hilton Head Island, SC (for work), an impromptu trip to Murfreesboro, TN on Memorial Day weekend, I even made my way to California twice, once to San Diego (jam-packed tourist non-stop shenanigans) and then once to Sacramento (for work).  But like I said – all of those trips had ulterior motives – none of which were for me to lie on the beach and… well… just lie on the beach.  Or take pictures.  I want to lie on a beach half the time, and wander around taking pictures the other half of the time.  I have this new amazing camera – and with the exception of J&KK’s wedding, a trip to the Botanic Gardens and a rather popular mini photo shoot with my roommate’s cat, I feel like I’ve been wasting away the abilities of my camera.  It’s like money burning a hole in my pocket, my camera is burning a hole in my pocket.  It’s aching to be used.  My camera is aching to be used and my body is just hankering for the beach.

A few months ago a good friend of mine told me about www.cheapcaribbean.com which is this wonderful website with these all-inclusive packages (we’re talking airfare, lodging, food AND drinks) to tropical places some of which were 5 nights for $500/person.  How can you beat that???  Pretty much since then I’ve had my eye on the prize – unfortunately, my wallet has had it’s eye on the rent, and the student loan, and the car payment, and the car insurance, and the graduate school, and the credit card, and the list goes on…  I feel like I’m letting what I want to do be put on hold because of money and I hate that.  That’s not me, and that’s never really been me – at least the young, go-getter, money-doesn’t-matter me that I used to be.  I’m no longer that me, I suppose.  I’m now the “I have a real job and I have real responsibilities” me that doesn’t just go.

But you know what, as my father has told me many times, “It is what you make it” and he is so right – and what I want is a vacation!  I want to escape from work, take my camera and just go.  I want to do and see the things I want to do and see and not let money stop me.  Now, I’m not saying throw caution to the wind and go crazy in-debt, I’m more just saying it’s time to get my eye back on the prize and make my wallet work for me!  It’s time to get those dollars snapped into shape and go somewhere!  Anywhere!

It doesn’t even have to be the Caribbean.  I’d be happy with the whales in New England, or Seattle, or ya-know Alaska.  Oh man, I would be SO happy with whale watching.  For years now one of my dream trips has been to go whale watching.  I did get to see the Shamu Show in San Diego at SeaWorld – which was amaaaazing.  But I feel like nothing really compares to a whale out in the wild.  There’s just something so grand and majestic about it that just sends chills right through me.  I will see a live whale out in the wild one day, mark my word, I will do it.

But I’m seriously getting so desperate for a vacation these days, I’d even consider going alone.  Okay, that’s not true.  I mean, I totally could go alone, and have done plenty of traveling alone, it’s just, I’m not the type of person who wants to spend lots of money and go somewhere with no one else to enjoy it with.  I just want to go somewhere – whether it’s a big group trip, or just me and M, or an all-girls trip, or my family, or whatever, I JUST WANT TO GO SOMEWHERE.  I want to escape from reality into the realms of vacation!  I need it.  I want it.  I’ve gotta have it.

Okay, I think I’ve made my point.

Vacation?  Yes, please.

  1. Wow! You really do need a vacation, don’t you? Poor thing!

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