Oh Picnik, how you brighten my life!

Nine days, three hours and 15 minutes ago I was introduced to my new best friend (if a free online software program can be a best friend).  What software program has brought such joy to my life?  It’s the one and only picnik!  It’s like PhotoShop but freeee and I absolutely love it!  My sister was the one that introduced me to this gem, and since that day I have done my best to spread the word!  Spread the word of the joy known as picnik!!!  

Now what does picnik really do, you’re thinking… right?  Well feast your eyes on this:  

Picture I took of M flying on Christmas Eve. Before picnik and after picnik.

Moustache March - so close I can taste it.


It seriously does everything – cropping, playing with color (b&w, sepia, bold), 1960s, cinema-look, soft focus, select coloration (or lack of coloration), select focus, puzzle-ing, pixel-ing, posterizing, frames, stickers, collages, and the list goes on and on and on.Take this little diddy to the left for example.  I didn’t do much, just put it in the “Polaroid” frame, threw on a moustache and a little text and voilá!  And as a side note, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Moustache March – it’s basically the month of the year that all the Air Force guys decide to show their solidarity by growing moustaches and therefore rebeling against military hair regulations!  Ooooo what rebels they are!  I’ve never seen M with a moustache before since he’s never really participated in Moustache March – but this year he swears he’s coming out in full force.  So if picnik has given me any real prediction of what’s to come, I actually just might like this whole Moustache March thing.  Now, see!  Picnik can even give you a peak into the future – how amazing is that???  

  1. Picnik is like a crystal ball — I love it!

    I’ve been playing around with it, too — so fun! I mostly make photos look old, haha. I’m partial to this one I aged. And did I tell you that a woman from a college in England emailed me and asked if they could use it on one of their promotional posters for the school’s London program?! EXCITING! I said no. Haha, kidding… of course I said yes 🙂

  2. Oh oh! I LOVE that picture! I hope you have that thing framed somewhere. And how cool that someone asked to use your picture! You should’ve charged them, lol. 🙂

  3. Megan… AWESOME photo and anecdote. I’m so proud to know you :-p

    Erin… you’ve turned into a picnik freak. I’m actually a bit scared. I think it’s become the only thing you’re able to talk about these days!!! With that said, you’re doing beautiful work, my dear 😉

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