Four Day Weekend? Yes Please!

Thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr. and my compressed work schedule (which results in a day off every other week), I was blessed with a four day weekend this week. <insert giddiness here>

For those of you who somehow don’t know, four day weekends are about the best thing EVER because not only does a four day weekend start with a four day work week, they are also followed by a four day work week.  Ahh, shortened work weeks, how I adore thee.  Now, what did I do to appreciate this four day weekend, you might ask?  Well, let me tell you…

Friday.  My morning starts at 6:30am when I’m awoken by M’s alarm which went off bright and early because – well – we weren’t ALL blessed with four day weekends this week.  So I dragged my butt out of his bed, rolled it into my car, drove to my own bed and went back to sleep… until 1pm.  Yes, folks, that’s right 1pm.  The last time I slept until 1pm?  College.  Easily.  Well rested was an understatement.  From there I decided I needed to run errands, starting with returning J&KK’s house key from catsitting for them the week prior.  So I drive to their place, hang out with KK for a bit, get in my car to run my errands just to find out M and J have planned a gathering at J&KK’s place that night.  So I went back home and hung out for a bit before M picked me up and I went back to J&KK’s for dinner and a movie.

Saturday.  I am woken up, once again, by M’s alarm because Saturday morning meant picking up his new couch (which I was actually thrilled about because that meant we were no longer going to have to sit on the floor to saaay – eat dinner, or watch tv, but we would now be elevated to the ranks of a couch!  hooray!  now just keeping my fingers crossed for a dining table with chairs!).  Anyway, so he went off to his couch, and I was off to Target and Best Buy where I purchased 1) The new O.A.R. album (finally); 2) An antenna so I can watch more than just dvds in my room; 3) Curtains (hooray for window treatments!); and 4) $90 worth of too much other crap from Target which will be proven evident in Sundays overview where I return $90+ worth of my Target purchase.  And Saturday night we were off to M&C’s for a welcome home celebration which consisted of hanging out with fun peeps, playing with one adorable cat and two ginormous dogs, and watching my juggler juggle with other jugglers.

Sunday.  Woke up.  Wandered around Alexandria in the rain for a bagel – just to end up at Starbucks, sadness.  Returned a bunch of crap to Target (I hate when the guilt sets in).  Hung my curtains (yay!).  Listed a ton of stuff on craigslist.  Had dinner with my hunny bunny.  Watched the first 2 hours of the 24 4-hour season premiere extravaganza!

Monday.  Ooooh, Monday, how I loved you.  Monday meant meeting up with my meetup group at the Botanic Gardens to take macro pictures of flowers!  Ahhhh, be still my beating heart.  By the end I’d taken 650+ pictures, but after last nights review of the pictures, I’m down to a more reasonable 300 pictures, lol.  Picture posting to follow shortly.  After that I walked home from the National Mall to M’s condo in SE (I figure all in all I walked about 2 miles that day).  Then I headed home, sold my old computer monitor via craigslist (wohoo for feng shui-ing stuff I no longer need), packed a bag and headed back to M’s place for night two of the 24 4-hour season premiere extravaganza!!!

And that about sums it up – and by “about” I mean it definitely does.  And in the future, I’ll try to post less crap, more frequently, lol.  We’ll see how it goes.

  1. My excitement about your fun new blog is tempered by the fact that I’ll now get all the dirt on what you’re up to HERE instead of in awesome emails that I live for most days!! But that’s OK. I’ll… live. Or something. Maybe. 🙂

    Glad you had a great weekend — definitely sounds like fun. How is O.A.R.’s new album? Or do I even need to ask? And I’m with you on the Target guilt… that store is like crack!

    And I have a funny craigslist story for you 🙂 But you just might have to email me to find out about it… mwahahaha

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